GOT ME A JOB (kinda)

OKAY so quick update for anyone who’s following this and is interested.

The guy who responded to me, that I mentioned in the previous entry picked me!!!!, I’m actually super excited. He said he liked how my voice sounded! I don’t know when I’ll be starting this work, but the fact I actually managed to get one job is a big celebration ^^ it means I’m actually starting to get somewhere, which has actually been taking up so much damn effort.

This job is in fact going to be a new experience for me, I’ll be reading educational scripts. If I do well on the first one, I’ll possibly be doing up to 18 of them which is pretty cool to be honest.
(Guess I’m gonna have to set up a proper vocal booth soon!!)

So another thing – Thanks to actually getting this first job, it’s giving me slightly more motivation to try and do more things with music again. I started playing Piano again this week! ^^ I’m currently working on a song that I’ll be posting on my Youtube in the future (Don’t worry, I’ll be posting about that whenever it’s done) I’ve also been trying to make an effort to get back into finishing a song I started writing a few months back, so hopefully I’ll make some more progress on that too!

I wanted to leave this one relatively shorter, but I’m gonna end this with another quick note:

Freelance work is hard to get. You’ll get some in time if you just keep applying, just don’t give up too easily!! ^^

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