One job down, and again: Nothing to continue

So, as you all know. I managed to get my first job not too long ago.
How did it go you ask? – It went okay. Just okay.

It was my first try so a bit of failure and struggle is to be expected. The person I was working for was very understanding and patient so I have no complaints there. I do doubt that they will come to me again for more work though, which is obviously slightly frustrating. But then again, It was still a job! I got a review, and made myself a mediocre 8 bucks: So in all, I’d still say its a job well done and still worth it.

Since I’ve been trying voice acting work, I have been having some mixed feelings on it. I prefer my music, I can’t really see myself pursuing a career with voice acting (Unless it was to dub anime!) But yeah, I’m more of a musician

On that note, I’m now again looking into more music options for myself (as well as keeping my options well open for freelance work on Fiverr.)
I’ll be writing more about my plans for the music side of my freelance work in my next post! ^^ So do make sure that you come and check that one out too!

So yes, my conclusion of the past two weeks, the work is frustrating, getting the work is still as difficult as ever, I know it’s going to take a lot longer and a lot more to get where I want to and earn enough to pay my bills of this freelance work.

I do apologise for the sloppiness of this post but sadly my shifts at my current job are all over the place and finding time to do this, is indeed incredibly difficult

On that note, I must leave for work again now (Wish me luck ^^”)

Thanks again for stopping by ❤

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