I’m awful lmao

I really want to succeed with my blog, at least a small amount. But I really am the worst sometimes^^” I can’t seem to keep to my routines and schedule’s, it really is a pain sometimes.

I like to think of myself as one of the worst procrastinators ever.

Today I decided I’m going to try and recreate a new routine so that’s what I’m here to do!

I figured that maybe that routine previously just didn’t work for me, so maybe it’s a good idea to keep trying different ones until something sticks, that’s what I’m questioning anyway.

So I should probably be completely honest (at least to some extent) This post its self has taken me almost a week to write, just because I can’t find the motivation and effort. Which is why I’m going to plan out a new routine.

I’ve started up some new things that I enjoy a lot. I have a gaming channel now, which yes is awful but it’s fun for me and I’d like it to someday be fun for others too! ^^ But music is still my main focus of course!

On the music side, I’m actually getting a keyboard again soon, I’m looking forward to some covers I have planned with that^^ along with some cosplays that may or me not be included with some music stuff soon… ^.~

aside from covers, I also almost finished a new original song until I got stuck again and abandoned it lmao, its a trend for me. I’m really hoping my new routine will help me get back on track – I’ll be sharing my routine and how it works out on a later date! ^^

I apologise for the complete mess of this post, It’s definitely been a struggle to write this but I did really want to give some sort of update, I also think I need to write something in order to get myself back into writing my posts – a sort of push for myself I suppose.

so I’m gonna leave this mess as it is and try to continue to write an actually structured post that makes sense and has reason^^”

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