Everything is Slowly coming together!^^

I’ve been all over the place recently, can’t seem to keep on top of everything. But, I think I’ve finally managed to organise myself (to some extent) I’ve gone back to my Bullet Journal as a way of keeping organised and keeping track of everything, I’m actually planning to do a post on Bullet Journals for the New Year. So if that interests you then do keep an eye out for that, maybe even give me some ideas in the comments? ^^

but anyway, enough of that

I actually redesigned a large portion of my website and decided on some new features (or pages) to add. Some of my plans may be somewhat anime oriented which isn’t for everyone but I’m a huge fan so I’m thinking of writing some reviews and posting some of my cosplays somewhere on my website! It’s still a work in progress.

Another plan I’ve had is Patreon. I know I don’t exactly have much of an audience yet, but I’d really like to engage with you guys more! ^^ So I’ve started my Patreon with just the one tier for now (until I figure out how the damn site works) The current tier allows you to join my discord server and join games or just interact with me! So if that in any way interests you, do be sure to check it out ^^

I’m really working hard to be a lot more consistent with what I do, so starting from now I’ll be posting on my blog at LEAST once a week. If I add my Anime section Idea it might be more frequent but again, that’s still just an idea.

If anyone does have any suggestions of things you’d like me to discuss with you in one of my posts then feel free to leave any suggestions down in the comments! ^^

Along with my blog, I’ll be hopefully uploading to youtube once every 2 weeks (Just until I have the time and resources to upload more frequently – it’s currently a slow and tedious process to film things ^^;;)

I’d just like to add to the end of this, I really enjoy what I do and I’m very grateful for any sort of support I get, even if you’re only stopping by out of curiosity. I’m working hard to do what I love as a career so I thank everyone who supports me ^^

Thanks again for stopping by! I’ll see you all next week ❤

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