Bullet Journal 2020 – My Yearly Spread

If you’re here from my first Bullet Journal post, then I’m sure you know what this is going to be about!

The yearly spread is probably what I’d consider being one of the more important aspects of the journal. It’s where you start out your year and where you come back to, your aims and goals for the future, what you’d like to accomplish in the year. I find it very motivational to be able to check back on my progress, remind myself what I wanted to achieve constantly so that I work even harder for it!

Introduction Page

So to start your yearly spread, it seems almost too obvious that you’d want an ‘into page’ Just a page you decorate however you like to announce the beginning of a New Year!^^

A lot of people like to add a key page, either before or after the ‘intro page’ The journal I’m using comes with a key page in it already, you can use this to write down pages to page numbers. (For example Calendar – Page 6) Some people also like to create other types of keys to add, Like using an X to mark something as completed or something important maybe? I’ve chosen to only markdown page numbers on my key page. As for my introductory page, I used a lot of different doodles to represent what I hope for this year

As you can see, I am definitely no artist! But I do have a lot of doodles here, which may be not to you but to me have a lot of meaning, and that’s what your Bullet Journal should be.

Let me just note some of these out for you:

– A passport because I’d like to travel more

– Cherry Blossom tree. Id like to go to Japan

– A little badly drawn tent since I want to camp more^^

– A dumbbell because I’d like to lose some weight and get fitter!

– Lots of music doodles because I want to do a LOT more with music next year


– A camera because I’d like to explore and take so many awesome pictures!:)

But there you have it, my messy and chaotic Introduction to 2020 because I plan to make it a very eventful year!


Straight after my intro page, I use a double page to design a calendar. I created the little note section beside each month so that I could mark out important dates with a circle or another shape, and make a note of it next to the month

I like to use the calendar to mark birthdays or other important events! (maybe even anime conventions if I can afford one next year!^^;;)

Pixel Year

One of my favourite ideas – a pixel year!
I loved this idea from the second I first discovered it, and as much as I’ve made many attempts, I never manage to finish the entire year. But this year, I’m determined!

Just in case you’re unsure of what a pixel year is I’ll give you a briefing (although I’m sure the picture explains itself!)

A pixel year is usually drawn out as a chart, but I have seen some really cool designs! – Some people do a monthly or weekly version. One of my favourite designs has to be colouring in a cactus each day of the week for your mood. I chose the much simpler design for the year though.
Once you have your design choice, you pick colours to represent moods and colour in each day as you go by!

I love getting to look back at my year and see when my biggest ups and downs are, and to compare how my year started and ended

Year Goals

My next page is relatively simple, so I’ll keep this one short!

I basically just wanted a page to write down any goals for the year, my ‘New Years Resolutions’ I guess you could say.

I like the idea of being able to one day cross off a bigger goal, something that will take months of work and then finally being able to cross it off! It’s so motivating

It’s always a good idea to set yourself some sort of goal each year, even if its a small one!

Savings and Weight Loss Tracker

Next, I have two pages that are simple and to me, very useful. There are many ways that people chose to draw out a savings goal. Some chose to just draw a basic bar chart where you can colour in a section for each small goal you meet. I’ve chosen to just draw a jar and divide it into 10 sections, each to colour in when (and if) I ever hit each goal!

Watching my jar fill up as a colour in each section really motivates me more! I feel a need to complete the jar!

Another simple yet efficient idea is a weight loss tracker. It works in the same way as the savings, you colour in each section when you hit each goal! There’s really not a lot else to say about these pages^^;

I’m hoping this will motivate me to go to the gym more!

TV / Anime + Books / Manga

One of my favourite to draw – the Tv and Books trackers (Or the Anime and Manga if you’re like me!) There are some awesome design ideas for these sort of pages all over the internet. I got most of my inspiration from Pinterest. I plan to name and colour each book outline for any Manga or Book I read next year!^^
The same goes for the TV one too, obviously~

My anime list is probably far too long for this ^^;

Cosplay and Music

So these two pages are something I came up for myself. I want to make a list and keep track of the cosplays I complete and any songs I release throughout the year! My original idea for the cosplay tracker was far too complicated for me to try and draw^^; I wanted to draw a load of mini wigs and then name them and colour one in for each cosplay I do. But sadly, just trying to draw all of that out would take me hours;-; I used the same sort of Idea for the music, but that was a lot simpler to draw!

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to look back at the end of next year and see the progress I made, how much more I achieved!^^

Social Media Tracker

The last thing I’ve decided to do for my Yearly Spread, is a social media tracker. Obviously I’m only

doing this one for business purposes. Id likes to see my progress throughout the year, how my viewings increase or decrease. It’s a simply drawn out table and all I’ll do is write the number of followers for each platform each month! ^^

Hopefully, it will all increase, but that’s just my high hopes^^;

That’s all I have for next years ‘Yearly Spread’ I hope this has been somewhat helpful to you all!

Keep an eye out for my January Monthly spread to get some more ideas and tips!

Thanks for stopping by! ^^

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