Bullet Journal 2020 – Monthly Spread: January

January, the first month of the year! Since I’ve put so much in my yearly spread. I decided to try and keep my monthly one short. Your monthly spread can be different for each month, you could have a page dedicated for something for the month, like the October doodle challenge or a page for new years resolutions in January if you didn’t add that to your yearly spread!

Cover page – January

My first page is basically the same as my year intro page, It’s pretty much just a title page that you design however you want^^ I took inspiration from a couple designs I’ve seen and made this simple but cute cover!

There’s nothing really special about it to be honest. It just looks cool!^^

Calendar and Events Page

Straight after my January Cover page, I like to use a double page to draw out a calendar that I can make more detailed notes on and note down events, any work due in or any appointments. Or maybe to even make note of certain times of the month! My plan is to use this calendar to mark down when I’d like to have blog posts written by and what dates i’ll be posting (hopefully) and organising my time to record and do other work ^^

On the page next to the calendar, you’ll see that I’ve set some goals. They’re just for January.

Ideally I would like to write 4 blog posts and record 2 videos, but we’ll see how that goes^^;

Budget Page

Next I have my budget page. Something I’m truly awful with, is money. I’m terrible. I tend to spend too much money on the wrong things and forget about what bills I need to pay when. So I’m going to be trying this budget planner!

It’s a pretty basic layout. A box for each category: Income, expenses, bills, savings and my weekly spending totals.^^

I really hope this helps me handle my money better…

Habit Tracker

The habit tracker is probably the biggest challenge that I’m really looking forwards to. Theres a lot of different things that I would like to make more of an effort to do everyday, so with this I’ll colour in a square for each day i remember to do each task. hopefully I’ll have filled in at least more than half? ^^;

I might be changing the idea slightly for February, as I might move some of these to

Work Planner

I couldn’t find much inspiration for this page. I want a monthly page to help me keep track or work ideas or plans, so I designed this simple page! With this I can note down any cover ideas or blog post ideas and reminders.

There are a lot of different examples of page layouts for keeping wok organised, but with the selection of different stuff I do, It’s hard to keep on top of it all… ^^;

I tend to forget a lot of things very easily, so hopefully this will make a difference. ^^

30 Day Challenge

Another thing you can try is 30 day challenges. There’s loads of them! Doodle challenge, photography, healthy habits, relationships and marriages. You could create one to fit your needs too!

For this challenge, I wont be attempting these tasks in order as my partner and I both have very odd work schedules. My plan is to just attempt as many of these things as possible one day at a time through the month! ^^

Oh and I’ll be colouring in the box for each one I complete

I also have an end of month review page, but thats after my weekly layout!

Just remember that you can change up your monthly layout each month. Do a different 30 day challenge each month, see if you complete one every month this year^^ If you need inspiration for more pages then pinterest has the best ideas in my opinion!

I was a little later then I’d like with posting this. My weekly layout will also be posted before January 1st so look out for that^^

Thanks so much for stopping by! Feel free to share your monthly page Ideas in the comments below:3

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