Bullet Journal 2020 – Weekly Spread

First of all, i apologise for being so behind on this, I know I said I’d have this out by the 1st which I seemed to have failed at (oops) I’ve been having a rough few days and work has just been out of the question. But I’m now trying to catch back up so we’ll get straight into it! ^^

So the weekly spread – to me, a very important section of any bullet journal. Although some tend to use just a monthly spread or a daily one instead.

Weekly Spread

I designed a rather basic layout for my weekly spread. I have space to make notes for each day – I like to note down when my partners working each day, I do that in blue. I have a list of tasks for each week, I also like to have notes and a space to write reminder for the next week. That’s what the arrow is for.^^

The empty box I have is still slightly confusing. I used to have a small amount of habits written down for each week, but i did a monthly one this time. I plan to maybe still move some of the more important habits to my weekly spread back in that space soon ^^

As you can see I have also drawn out 8 little water droplets for each day, that’s to try and help me drink more water. and the numbers beneath that are to note down how many steps i did each day!

There’s not really an awful lot I can say about the weekly spread, its mostly 4 double pages all the same. After the last day of January, I’ll have an end of month review page and then the Title page for February^^ Then all the same again from the monthly spread to weekly (They might get changed up a bit though~)

Apologies for this post being kinda messy, I’ve rushed it so I can get it done oops

Thanks so much for stopping by, stay tuned for another Bullet Journal update in the next two weeks ^^

Good luck to anyone else trying it out ^^

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