Something a little different^^

I have something a little new for you all today!^^ This is also a little bit of an experiment to find out if anyone would be interested in seeing more of this sort of thing on my blog.

Being the overly creative person I am, I love and miss music. Be it writing my own or just making a cover of others, it’s something I really enjoy doing and really lack the time for so much these days. I did used to upload some okay-quality covers on YouTube but recording like that isn’t something I can in anyway seem to find the time for (it’s ever so frustrating^^’)

So instead I had the idea to record lower quality, less effort covers. I’m really not to sure whether people will be less interested because of the lower quality or not so I’m not planning on uploading the to YouTube. Instead I thought maybe someone here would be interested in them still!^^

Only one way to find out right~?

So, let me know what you think! ^^

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