A Little Catchup ^^

I started a job in a small corner shop 2 months ago and 1 week ago, I quit. Being such a creative-driven person I find that working such mundane and repetitive jobs suck away at my soul constantly until I have nothing left to give; Honestly, I don’t think it’s at all worth the sacrifice. Don’t get me wrong, several additional factors are stopping me from working a ‘normal’ job but my biggest problem is my need to do something I enjoy and find fulfilling over earning a decent living. Nothing I do from home earns me enough to live off of but maybe that’s because I’m never putting all my effort into it? So far I’ve always either been studying or working alongside my blog, writing and music, not once have I put my complete focus onto just this, so that’s what I intend to try out next!^^

I was really enjoying writing about Zelda as I play it and so I plan to continue that to some extent (it’s been a couple of months since I picked up my switch though so I’m gonna need a recap sesh first^^”). I’m also working on finishing recording another song I hope to release soon as well as plans for a music video of some kind for my previous song Hide & Seek! Another project on the horizon is producing a few more fingerstyle covers to post on youtube, they’re a favourite style of mine to play on acoustic guitar~

I’ve been slacking a lot but I’m still trying to work on my Bullet Journal too^^ I’m hoping to have something new to share relating to that soon too! It has, however, been difficult to get back into my usual routine, I fell out of it for so long and stopped making as much effort towards all my good habits and coping mechanisms that it’s a little harder to go back this time. I think I’ll create a completely new routine and see where that gets me!

Wish me luck!^^

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