Recapturing my first Memory! Zelda: BOTW

Last time I’d just lost Suga and replaced him with Kageyama and today we’re embarking on a quest to regain some memories! I’m not sure if this is the first direction I should be taking but its the one I’m following for now^^”.

My helpful little artist friend hanging around in Kakariko Village has pointed me in the direction of East towards Mount Lanayru!

I came across an abundance of things on my short journey – firstly I managed to ambush a camp of goblins and made a fun little explosion out of them! I then got ambushed myself by a ninja in disguise… (Karma I guess ;-;)

After a day of fighting whatever monsters I came across I set up camp to rest for the night and mostly just to quickly cook a few things. During this I found out that I can feed my horse! He started trying to steal my apples before they baked:(

When daylight broke I found myself climbing across rubble to try and find an area that matched the picture. I didn’t succeed straight away but I did get to see some beautiful scenery and find some wonderful places (including a shrine!).

In time, I found what I was looking for and soon found myself watching a cut scene of a past memory that Link and Zelda both share and features a group of seemingly allied beings that we currently seem to know nothing more about… The cut scene also seems to give some more insight into the situation with Ganon.

Once I’d regained my first memory I headed back to Kakariko village to visit the little old lady Impa where she gave me a reward – an old item of Links and then sent me away to find the rest (and with an abundance of other objectives too!)

Now… Where should I head to next…

Stick around to find out!^^

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