~ Bullet Journal 2021: August Spread ~

I realise I’ve been away from the bullet journal side of my blog for some time now, I felt like I was doing the same thing over and over, and that’s not what I want.

I’ve also been a little all over the place since I stopped putting as much effort and energy into my journaling, it turns out that my bullet journal is basically holding my life together… So in order to get myself back on track and into a new (and hopefully improved) routine I’ve created something new for next months spread!^^

Cover Page

I’ve been neglecting my art practice recently, I was missing motivation and inspiration to create, I was also lacking in time for some parts.

Whilst trying to put more effort into my bullet journal and block again I’m also trying to motivate myself to draw more too! So for August’s cover page, I did a lot of research (scrolling endlessly through Pinterest for inspiration…). I didn’t have the energy to do anything too complicated so I went for drawing a pretty sunflower^^


Since I came upon this calendar design, I cant seem to give it up! It may be a little fiddly to draw all the boxes out sometimes but, I really love this adorable idea and I find it super useful to have a calendar for each month so I can make a note of important dates for each month and be able to look at them all at once^^

Mood Tracker

My August mood tracker might be my favourite mood tracker so far! I find that I have a lot more freedom of my choice of colour for each mood whilst still keeping to the theme (In this case ice cream). It’s also going to be a lot easier to distinguish multiple colours in one day (for those roller coaster days^^”).

I’m looking forwards to colouring this one in so hopefully that’ll motivate me to keep on top of my journaling next month!^^

Habit Tracker

Some of my previous habit trackers have taken up a lot of time just to draw out every month. A lot of the time I would end up missing out half the month of tracking habits because I put off drawing out the habit tracker until the very last minute…

Soo, I’ve been going through an abundance of different styles until I find one that’s easy and quick enough to draw out each month and that works for me! (I have to like how it looks to be able to use it..^^’)

Exercise Tracker

Exercise logs and trackers are another page I find myself struggling with from time to time. I like to see my progress as well as keeping track of how much exercise I do, sometimes it can get overwhelming with the different kinds of exercise and not wanting to do the same routine every day. To try and combat that conundrum I’ve used a simple exercise tracker that gives me more of an option on what exercise I do. (it also doesn’t look as bad when I don’t complete a day)

I’ve of course also added a table to see my weight and measurements at the start and end of the month to see if I’ve made any progress at all…

To-do List

My to-do list hadn’t changed in almost a year. I kept the same design because I had the same stuff going on every month. A mountain of uni work and too many personal projects that I just can never keep up with^^”.

I changed it up a bit for next month, not because I’m doing things completely different, but because I was beginning to feel like everything was becoming repetitive. This new to-do list design will hopefully stop me from feeling like I’m just doing the same things over and over and over again.


My budget tracker is another page I’d find myself avoiding drawing out. I had so many different sections and boxes that it was all just a little too much. Instead, I’ve created a much simpler design so I can keep up with my incomings and outgoings without getting as overwhelmed and confused by an overcrowded page.

Brain Dump

I haven’t changed my brain dump page in a while because even when I don’t use the page too much it’s still one of the more useful pages I have each month.

I forget a lot of things, especially any fun ideas I have and things I want to do, create or even to go somewhere so I find it incredibly useful to have a place to write these little notes down that I can easily look back on (without having to search through piles of notes and pages of notebooks!)

Weekly Spread

My weekly spread is probably the biggest change I’ve made for next month. Although I haven’t changed it dramatically compared to my previous months spread I’ve certainly simplified it. I wanted a more minimalistic design that can be drawn easily, but still have my essentials on it (and still look good of course!^^)

Daily Routine

This daily routine is something new I’ve decided to try. I looked through Pinterest for quite some time for ideas for this one. I wanted to find some way to keep track of a small and simple daily routine to help me stay productive and motivated as much as possible.

I’ve drawn out one of these for every week so that I can tailor it each week depending on what work I have to do! Whether I keep these up or not I’m not sure of yet, but there’s only one way to find out how it works for me.^^

Weekly Schedule

To go with my daily routine, I have a weekly schedule to keep track of any appointments I have as well as set myself a timetable each week to complete certain projects or jobs.

I also hope to set time aside each week for reading and writing amongst a few other things I wish to work on.

Month Review

I tend to end up skipping my end of month review. I think this is because, again, I make it too complicated. For next month I’ve decided to try and review just a couple of my more important goals.^^

Lets hope I do a better job of keeping up with it all next month! :))

~ Bullet Journal 2021: January Spread ~

Happy New Year everyone! I know we’re about halfway through January now and I’m (once again) late on posting this… BUT I’m still just as excited to share this with you all!^^
I’ve taken a different approach to a lot of my designs and layouts than to what I used throughout last year – I’d love to hear your opinions!

You’ll also notice that I’ve used a lot of Washi tape in my journal this time (This year is my first time using Washi tape!^^) I wanted to be able to keep my journal looking colourful whilst having little time to decorate it, so I’m trying out the tapes.^^ So far I really like how its been turning out.

Cover Page

So throughout last year, I used the same sort of layout for my cover pages (always having the title in the same place etc.) This year since I’ve recently started working with watercolour pencils I decided I’d try out some different styles for the cover pages!


Last year I had the calendar on a single page and the second page for events and goals for the month but I very rarely used them. I decided to use up more of the space for the calendar this time and a much smaller box for goals and events. I’m hoping that by having a larger calendar I’ll be encouraged to use it more to keep on top of due dates!

Mood Tracker

Now, I know I already have a pixel year mood tracker in my yearly spread, which I mostly managed to keep up with throughout last year. But I’ve been seeing so many fun monthly mood trackers designs and really wanted to start trying them out!^^

Habit Tracker

I have a habit of changing my habit tracker layout fairly often (and I’ll probably end up continuing to do so!) but I do like how this one turned out after I’d coloured in the box for the name of each habit to match the colour I’ll use to cross them off^^
(I’ll add a picture of it coloured in next time!)

Daily Gratitude log

One of my aims for this year is to try and be more positive and appreciative as much as I can!^^ I figured the best way to encourage that would be to challenge myself to name something I’m grateful for everyday^^

For each day I can successfully name something I’m grateful for, I’ll also be colouring it in (hopefully by the end of the month it’ll be colourful!^^)

Adulting Challenge

This is an idea I came across whilst browsing through Pinterest one day, I thought it could make some common chores a little more fun.^^

I’ve added colours to the shapes and listed a few jobs I need to keep up with more frequently (Like watering my plants!) by the end of the month I’m hoping it’ll look like a fun Tetris game^^

Blog Planner

One thing I’m awful for is writing and publishing posts a lot later then I’d like..^^” Uni taking up so much of my time currently certainly doesn’t help, but, I’m hoping that this Blog planner idea I found (again on Pinterest!) will motivate and encourage me to make more of an effort with my blog!^^

Work to-do Log

I’ve had this work log since some time last year, In fact, it’s one of the few things that I haven’t changed yet! I don’t really have much to say about this one, it is as it looks, a to-do list of uni work and blog work for the month.^^

Budget Tracker

It’s always handy to have some kind of Budget tracker and this time I designed my own one to keep track of my spending and savings!^^

I’m not the greatest with handling money but I’m also not the worst! Hopefully the more I use budget trackers the better I’ll get at it^^

Brain Dump

This simple idea is probably one of my favourites this month. I come up with a lot of random ideas at very random times, so having somewhere to jot these all down in one place each month might just help me piece together my ideas!^^

Weekly Spread

Last year I used the same weekly spread layout every month. This year, although I’m not sure if i’ll use the same design throughout or try new ones (probably try some new ones!) but I’ve started the year with a new one: much simpler and easier to draw out.^^

End of Month Review

I failed to fill in my end of review most months last year and I think that was because I had too many things to fill out. To keep it a little less overwhelming I created a new one with less, hopefully I’ll start being able to look back and reflect on my month.^^

I’m really happy with how my Bullet Journal for this year has been coming along so far and I hope it provides you with a little bit of inspiration for your own!

Thanks for stopping by~^^

~ 2021 Bullet Journal Yearly Spread ~

Although I didn’t manage to keep my blog updated on my Bullet Journal throughout this year, I at least managed to keep up with it myself, I didn’t miss a single month!^^
It’s become harder to stay motivated this year due to everything going on in the world recently (covid-19 and all that^^’), staying on top of my journal and using it on a daily basis has really helped me keep some structure throughout this chaotic struggle of a year.

This year was my first real attempt at keeping it up for more than a couple months and I think it’s safe to say that, it was a success!^^ Next year I’m aiming to improve on it in as many ways as I can, new spreads, new designs and layouts; I’ve already made a start on my yearly spread pages and they’re definitely an improvement on last years!

2021 Cover page

Bullet Journal 2021 Cover Page

Last year I only used one page for my cover page, this year I decided to spread it across two and I’m pretty glad I did^^. I also made the mistake last year cluttering up the page a little too much so this time I chose to try a more simple but colourful design! I actually used my watercolour pencils for this (I’ve been practising with them for awhile now^^).

(although its simple, I’m really happy with how this page turned out. Definitely an improvement from last year!^^)

2021 Calendar

2021 Calendar

I was never very sure about the calendar design I did last year, this year I’ve actually ended up with a similar style but I completely changed to colouring of it. I used blues for the colder seasons, greens for spring etc and so on~ I thought it was a really cute idea!^^

(Maybe this year I’ll actually use this calendar more^^’..)

Pixel Year

Although this design is basically the same as last year, I’ll be doing monthly mood trackers as well (mostly because I’ve seen some really cool ideas I want to try!^^).

I still wanted to keep my pixel year along side the monthly ones so that at the end of the year I can still look at it as a whole and reflect on how my year went, what months were better or worse and why.

2021 Goals

Last year for my goals page I chose the simple idea of a scroll and just writing a list of what I wanted to do. This year I’ve decided to take a completely different approach, I’ll instead be setting goals in multiple areas of my life. Not only does this encourage me to think more about how I want to improve my life but it also helps me really keep on top of multiple goals at once!

(I can imaging having more goals will either make things more challenging or easier, in my opinion both are good^^)

Savings Tracker

I wanted to make my savings tracker a little more interesting then my previous one (a drawing of a jar), so after looking around Pinterest for some inspiration, this brick wall Idea was my favourite, I can colour in the individual bricks for each goal I hit!

( I hope to have a really colourful wall by the end of next year^^)

Weight loss Tracker

This is another page I didn’t make use of nearly enough last year, although I blame that mostly on Lockdown! I haven’t been able to do nearly as much exercise as I’d hoped to have done this year^^”

(I’ve really been enjoying using washi tape as borders to kind of spice up the empty space on the page! It’s especially helpful when you don’t have as much time to spend decorating)

Books Log

I’m hoping to read more this year, especially since I got the Game of Thrones book set for Christmas (Thanks mum!^^) Im also hoping to try out some new books and I want to keep better track of what I’m reading so I’ve added an extra page to my Books log so I can name more books and maybe even rate them!

(Did anyone else get any good books for Christmas this year?^^)

Tv/Movies log

Again blaming Covid19 – I watched a LOT of new series this year (There really hasn’t been a lot else to do..) and so, I ran out of space on my TV log! Hopefully by having the extra page (like on the book log) I’ll be able to keep track of more.

(I especially plan to watch more Anime again this year, so I’m gonna need the extra space^^’)

Uni Tracker / Assignment Log

Adjusting my time to keep up with Uni, my Bullet Journal and my Blog has been difficult this year. Now that I’m starting to get the hang of a new routine I’m hoping to work on more again and keep on top of it, so with that, I’ve designed a tracker to mark off each week of work, each assignment and keep a log of my assessment results!

Social Media Tracker

Last but not least, although I didn’t see a lot of growth in the last year I want to continue to work hard and remain hopeful and positive^^.

Hopefully by having a social media tracker again, I’ll stay motivated to keep wanting to make those numbers rise!^^

Good luck to everyone this year attempting a Bullet journal, I hope I can help provide some inspiration^^ I’d also love to hear some of your ideas so feel free to comment some of your favourite pages for your yearly spread!

Stay tuned for my January spread~ ^^

January to June, my 6 Month Review~

6 Months ago was the beginning of 2020, a year in which most of us hoped to be a good one – a fresh start, a year full of promise and progress. Boy were we all wrong.^^” One things for sure, the world is in a much different place than anyone could have possibly predicted 6 months ago. It’s still debatable whether it’s for better or for worse but in my opinion, despite all the heartbreaking losses and chaos that has spilled across the word, I believe that it’s ending a lot better than it started. People have been spending time with their families again and learning to appreciate the little things more, as well as all that, people have been listening to nature again and finally realising how important it is to look after our environment!
All I can hope for is that when this chaos finally ends (which may be soon^^) the world will become a better place again and people wont take things for granted so much.

On another note, 6 months! Do you know what that means!?

It’s time for a fun little review on how my Bullet Journal has been coming along, whats happened so far this year and whats changed. I’m going to share my progress with you all!^^

Then and Now – Bujo Progress

If you aren’t interested in Bullet Journals ten feel free to skip past it, There’s plenty more stuff after this section^^

Cover Pages

This year has been my real first attempt at Bullet Journaling and although I have days or a week at a time where I’ll end up slacking, I always manage to pick it back up again afterwards!

As it was my first attempt, my designs weren’t the neatest to begin with. My 2020 cover page just looks like chaos to me now compared to my recent May cover page. My layouts have become a lot more ‘cleaner’ and a lot more simplistic, I really do prefer it! Not only are the layouts drawn better but my photography has really improved too! (If I do say so myself^^)

Habit Trackers

My habit trackers have also made a big improvement, to begin with it looked pretty plain and the end result was always just plain messy ^^” After a couple of months, I’d only slightly altered it so that I was using pencil instead of pen to fill it in which certainly made it look tidier, but I still wasn’t really happy. This month I’ve used a different design and I just absolutely love it! ^^

Budget – Exercise Tracker

At the start of the year I had a budget planner as part of the reoccurring monthly spread, I never really managed to use it properly, I haven’t really had much of a use for it for a few months so I’ve been trying something new each month. First I tried out having an ‘Ideal Day’ page, but that’s not really something you can put in every month… Next I tried having a Studio Ghibli checklist, which again would have been better as part of the yearly spread(although that month I watched A LOT of studio ghibli movies…) The next month down the line I’d really started to focus on my health and fitness and the Habit Tracker really wasn’t helping me encourage myself to do more exercise, so I designed an Exercise Tracker for myself!^^ And I’ll tell you what, my Exercise Tracker a long with my new Habit Tracker design have really been helping me keep motivated! I’m keeping up with it all so much better now^^

Monthly Challenge

Another big change has been my 30 Day challenge, I honestly don’t think I’ve managed to complete a full months worth even once yet^^” I’ve tried making the challenged easier each month and I still just never complete them all, I can never seem to find the time. This month is actually the first I’ve changed it, I made it a daily gratitude page which I’ve already done a terrible job at keeping up to date with. I actually already have plans to change it for next month already. Ironically, I’m thinking of changing it to a Budget page…

Weekly Spread

The last big design change I’ve made in the past 6 months has got to be my Weekly Spread. I would’t say its changed much but it definitely looks a lot neater and more carefully done than it did in January, I’m a lot more proud of it now then I was then!^^

Pixel Year

So I’ve attempted a Pixel year once before and I didn’t really keep up with it too well ^^” I think I managed about 2 months and maybe a week.. This year on the other hand, I’ve completed 5 months!

It’s been a very up and down year for everyone, a lot of horrible things have been going on and I can only hope that the remaining 6 months of this year be promising!^^

Social Media

At the start of the year I decided that I wanted to try and keep track of any increases and decreases on my Social Media followings.

I’m not usually one of those people to be infatuated with social media in any way, but its become quite important for my career and seeing as I do love seeing progress in numbers I thought this simple design would work perfectly.

As you can see, although small I have been getting a few more followers across the board!^^ It may only be small, but its enough for me~

Year Goals

Looking back at the goals I made for this year, I now see that some of them may have been a little too ambitious ^^”
For one, I haven’t been doing nearly enough on Youtube anymore to gain any subscribers so thats unlikely to happen and going to Japan definitely isn’t going to happen any time soon.

The others though are a lot more achievable, I’m only 3 weeks away from completing my TEFL and I’m due to start an OU course at the end of this year too!^^

Before this pandemic started, I was getting close to achieving a level 1 seller on Fiverr too but work really slowed down recently because of it. I still have 6 months though so theres still a chance!^^

The Biggest Changes Over the Past 6 Months

I’ve been getting a little bit stuck on this recently, so much has changed and I just don’t know where to begin!
All of these changes aren’t just because of the corona-virus pandemic, I’ve been working really hard (almost) every day to improve myself and my work^^

Work and Education – What am I doing now?

At the beginning of this year I was just starting my TEFL course and two Mindfulness courses that accompanied it. I’ve very nearly finished them in fact I would have finished it by now but I got a tad distracted and fell behind again ^^” I got a really good deal on an extension with some other really useful short courses which I’ll definitely be looking through soon! There’s some life coaching ones and a course on how to start a business, maybe they’ll help me learn some more useful stuff for my blog^^

Since my TEFL course is coming to its end, I’ve been looking into what else I need to finally become an English Teacher in Japan. Originally I was going to try to get a job with just my TEFL certific ate but after looking into some really good companies that come with a lot of good bonus’, I realised I should really get a Bachelors degree already, so I am. I’ve applied for an OU course and I’m currently sorting out funding for my tuition^^ I’ll be starting my course English Literature and Creative Writing in October this year!

6 months ago I had no intention of going to university (especially with all the current chaos) I guess I forgot that Open University was a thing. I’m surprisingly pretty excited to start it even though I’m very aware it wont be an easy course ^^” I was always good at English so hopefully I wont crash and burn! I’ll be doing my course full time in attempt to finish it in 3 years so I’ll definitely suffer ^^”

(Is anyone else doing an OU course soon? What are you applying for, I’d love to hear about it^^)

Another drastic change has got to be my work focus! At the start I was always focused on working on my music, but I’ve found more enjoyment recently in working on my Bullet Journal and writing blog posts. I’d like to continue to learn and share things, I’d love to help people who are new to the idea of working from home and be able to give advice so with that I seem to have moved my focus to my lifestyle blog. I do still plan to work on some music and maybe release a song every so often, but I’m not sure its what I want as a job right now (maybe I’ll change my mind again one day)

Health and Fitness – How I’ve Improved

By the end of last year I had managed to gain an annoying amount of weight^^” so this year I’ve been trying my best to get back into regular exercise and become a lot healthier! My Bullet Journal has helped a lot with creating a routine and sticking to it each week or month. I haven’t managed to loose a massive amount of weight but I’ve definitely improved my health by a lot recently!^^ I take vitamins everyday as well as have at least one cup of green tea a day, I do a set amount of exercise 5 days a week whilst trying to hit my step goal every day too! I obviously haven’t kept this up even nearly perfectly… I still get the odd day or even a week where I completely lack motivation and can’t push myself to get a single task done. ^^”

I’m confident that I’ve made improvements! I’ve got a lot more strength and a little more endurance than I had in January, not only that but my Resting Heart Rate has gone down!! I used to have a high average on my RHR so I’m really happy to see that theirs definitely improvement there^^

I also can’t remember the last time I got sick, I used to have a pretty harsh cold at least once a month^^” It was awful. But I don’t think I’ve gotten really sick even once this year yet!

Mindfulness and Mental Health – Has it Helped?

I always used to be quite close minded to the idea of Mindfulness, I guess mostly because I didn’t understand it and I didn’t understand it until I did the two Mindfulness courses that I got with my TEFL course. I’m surprised that I found it so interesting, especially since science never was my favourite thing.^^”

I learn’t a lot about the brain and how it functions when it comes to thoughts and emotions, and that in order to think clearly about something and react mindfully, you need to allow your thoughts to pass the amygdala (the security guard of your brain basically) By passing this guard, it allows you to think before reacting. It’s a difficult thing to get a grasp on, I really had to spend a lot of time learning to meditate and breathe properly. I’m still not great at it but now I at least understand how!^^

It’s hard to pinpoint an improvement when it comes to mental health, by using some of the techniques I’ve learnt I’ve definitely learned how to stay calm and think before reacting, It’s also become quite useful in helping myself to focus on a task and actually get work done^^” This is all a major improvement for me compared to 6 months ago, I can handle stressful situations so much better now and I’m finding it a lot easier to relax every so often too^^

I’ve learnt to understand myself better and how to look after myself better, it turns out something as small as making your bed when you get up every morning really does help give yourself a small boost of motivation to then get even more tasks done!^^

There’s always a lot more I wish I could write about but if i write for too long at one time I really start to loose my focus^^”

Aside from the chaos of Covid-19, this year has been somewhat successful so far. I just hope I can say the same in another 6 months!

I hope everyone else’s year has been going well to some extent, tell something good thats happened to you so far! I’d love to hear about it^^

Thanks so much for all of the support I’ve had so far!^^

Bullet Journal 2020 – June Spread

Half way through the year, only 6 months left to go! I’m so proud of how long I’ve managed to keep this up so far^^

I changed a couple of things up this month as things were starting to feel a little repetitive and some things just didn’t seem to be working for me. I’m hoping these adjustments will make a huge difference^^

I don’t know about anyone else but I’m still in lock-down, so its still more important than ever to keep productive!

Cover Page

June Cover Page

I really like my design for this months cover page! I used some different styles that I came across on Pinterest as inspiration and then made it my own^^ It’s already been a hot spring so I expect summer will be the same (hopefully) so I wanted my cover page to be summery, but also not too overloaded. I think I did a pretty good job on it ^^

Calendar and Events

June Calendar and Events

Straight away I’m sure you can guess my colour scheme for this month – Green!^^ I wanted something summery again but I also didn’t want to use yellows or oranges, so the colour of freshly cut grass seemed like the next best option!Other than the ongoing lock-down, there’s not a lot else happening this month except for my dads birthday and Fathers day being right next to each other T^T

Exercise Tracker

June Exercise Tracker

Last month I added in this page instead of having my exercises in my habit tracker and so far its seemed to of worked a lot better for me. I find it a lot easier to track what exercises I need to do and when. I also like the idea of noting my before and after numbers so that I can track my progress better! I’m increasing the number of reps for each exercise by a small amount each month too!^^

Habit Tracker

June Habit Tracker

As you can see, I’ve completely changed my habit tracker style. The grid-style I used previously always ends up feeling a little too cluttered for my liking, It also seemed too big. I end up wanting to fill the page but not having enough habits to do so and then I can’t keep up with everything half as much because there’s just too much there! So this month I’m trying a much smaller and simpler style. I’m hoping that this will make it easier to keep on top of all the important things!^^

Work Log

June Work Log

Nothings changed here except the colour scheme, as per usual. This page always seems to work well enough for me, so I don’t feel any need to change it yet^^

(The one difference this month is that I have a lot more course work I need to complete ^^”)

Daily Gratitude

June Daily Gratitude

I usually have a 30-day challenge, but I have not once managed to complete all 30 days so this month I wanted to try something completely different. I’ve heard a lot about daily gratitude being a really good way to look at things more positively and being more grateful for what you have, I also like the idea of looking back and remembering all of the small things I was grateful for on those days. I believe it’s a good way to bring more mindfulness into my daily life!^^
(I really like the design I did on this page^^)

Weekly Spread

June Weekly Spread

(Once again, no changes here^^;)

End of Month Review

June End of Month Review

(Also nothing new here, although this month Koko sat in on the pictures!^^)

This post was originally written for my previous blog (which is currently still up and running for the time being) I’m currently deciding on if I move my website permanently to here or not so I’d very much appreciate any feedback or comments!^^

I hope my spread for this month will bring at least some of you some inspiration! I also hope everyone is keeping safe during this pandemic^^Good luck and best wishes to everyone for June and thanks again for stopping by ^^

Bullet Journal 2020 – Weekly Spread

First of all, i apologise for being so behind on this, I know I said I’d have this out by the 1st which I seemed to have failed at (oops) I’ve been having a rough few days and work has just been out of the question. But I’m now trying to catch back up so we’ll get straight into it! ^^

So the weekly spread – to me, a very important section of any bullet journal. Although some tend to use just a monthly spread or a daily one instead.

Weekly Spread

I designed a rather basic layout for my weekly spread. I have space to make notes for each day – I like to note down when my partners working each day, I do that in blue. I have a list of tasks for each week, I also like to have notes and a space to write reminder for the next week. That’s what the arrow is for.^^

The empty box I have is still slightly confusing. I used to have a small amount of habits written down for each week, but i did a monthly one this time. I plan to maybe still move some of the more important habits to my weekly spread back in that space soon ^^

As you can see I have also drawn out 8 little water droplets for each day, that’s to try and help me drink more water. and the numbers beneath that are to note down how many steps i did each day!

There’s not really an awful lot I can say about the weekly spread, its mostly 4 double pages all the same. After the last day of January, I’ll have an end of month review page and then the Title page for February^^ Then all the same again from the monthly spread to weekly (They might get changed up a bit though~)

Apologies for this post being kinda messy, I’ve rushed it so I can get it done oops

Thanks so much for stopping by, stay tuned for another Bullet Journal update in the next two weeks ^^

Good luck to anyone else trying it out ^^

Bullet Journal 2020 – Monthly Spread: January

January, the first month of the year! Since I’ve put so much in my yearly spread. I decided to try and keep my monthly one short. Your monthly spread can be different for each month, you could have a page dedicated for something for the month, like the October doodle challenge or a page for new years resolutions in January if you didn’t add that to your yearly spread!

Cover page – January

My first page is basically the same as my year intro page, It’s pretty much just a title page that you design however you want^^ I took inspiration from a couple designs I’ve seen and made this simple but cute cover!

There’s nothing really special about it to be honest. It just looks cool!^^

Calendar and Events Page

Straight after my January Cover page, I like to use a double page to draw out a calendar that I can make more detailed notes on and note down events, any work due in or any appointments. Or maybe to even make note of certain times of the month! My plan is to use this calendar to mark down when I’d like to have blog posts written by and what dates i’ll be posting (hopefully) and organising my time to record and do other work ^^

On the page next to the calendar, you’ll see that I’ve set some goals. They’re just for January.

Ideally I would like to write 4 blog posts and record 2 videos, but we’ll see how that goes^^;

Budget Page

Next I have my budget page. Something I’m truly awful with, is money. I’m terrible. I tend to spend too much money on the wrong things and forget about what bills I need to pay when. So I’m going to be trying this budget planner!

It’s a pretty basic layout. A box for each category: Income, expenses, bills, savings and my weekly spending totals.^^

I really hope this helps me handle my money better…

Habit Tracker

The habit tracker is probably the biggest challenge that I’m really looking forwards to. Theres a lot of different things that I would like to make more of an effort to do everyday, so with this I’ll colour in a square for each day i remember to do each task. hopefully I’ll have filled in at least more than half? ^^;

I might be changing the idea slightly for February, as I might move some of these to

Work Planner

I couldn’t find much inspiration for this page. I want a monthly page to help me keep track or work ideas or plans, so I designed this simple page! With this I can note down any cover ideas or blog post ideas and reminders.

There are a lot of different examples of page layouts for keeping wok organised, but with the selection of different stuff I do, It’s hard to keep on top of it all… ^^;

I tend to forget a lot of things very easily, so hopefully this will make a difference. ^^

30 Day Challenge

Another thing you can try is 30 day challenges. There’s loads of them! Doodle challenge, photography, healthy habits, relationships and marriages. You could create one to fit your needs too!

For this challenge, I wont be attempting these tasks in order as my partner and I both have very odd work schedules. My plan is to just attempt as many of these things as possible one day at a time through the month! ^^

Oh and I’ll be colouring in the box for each one I complete

I also have an end of month review page, but thats after my weekly layout!

Just remember that you can change up your monthly layout each month. Do a different 30 day challenge each month, see if you complete one every month this year^^ If you need inspiration for more pages then pinterest has the best ideas in my opinion!

I was a little later then I’d like with posting this. My weekly layout will also be posted before January 1st so look out for that^^

Thanks so much for stopping by! Feel free to share your monthly page Ideas in the comments below:3

Bullet Journal 2020 – My Yearly Spread

If you’re here from my first Bullet Journal post, then I’m sure you know what this is going to be about!

The yearly spread is probably what I’d consider being one of the more important aspects of the journal. It’s where you start out your year and where you come back to, your aims and goals for the future, what you’d like to accomplish in the year. I find it very motivational to be able to check back on my progress, remind myself what I wanted to achieve constantly so that I work even harder for it!

Introduction Page

So to start your yearly spread, it seems almost too obvious that you’d want an ‘into page’ Just a page you decorate however you like to announce the beginning of a New Year!^^

A lot of people like to add a key page, either before or after the ‘intro page’ The journal I’m using comes with a key page in it already, you can use this to write down pages to page numbers. (For example Calendar – Page 6) Some people also like to create other types of keys to add, Like using an X to mark something as completed or something important maybe? I’ve chosen to only markdown page numbers on my key page. As for my introductory page, I used a lot of different doodles to represent what I hope for this year

As you can see, I am definitely no artist! But I do have a lot of doodles here, which may be not to you but to me have a lot of meaning, and that’s what your Bullet Journal should be.

Let me just note some of these out for you:

– A passport because I’d like to travel more

– Cherry Blossom tree. Id like to go to Japan

– A little badly drawn tent since I want to camp more^^

– A dumbbell because I’d like to lose some weight and get fitter!

– Lots of music doodles because I want to do a LOT more with music next year


– A camera because I’d like to explore and take so many awesome pictures!:)

But there you have it, my messy and chaotic Introduction to 2020 because I plan to make it a very eventful year!


Straight after my intro page, I use a double page to design a calendar. I created the little note section beside each month so that I could mark out important dates with a circle or another shape, and make a note of it next to the month

I like to use the calendar to mark birthdays or other important events! (maybe even anime conventions if I can afford one next year!^^;;)

Pixel Year

One of my favourite ideas – a pixel year!
I loved this idea from the second I first discovered it, and as much as I’ve made many attempts, I never manage to finish the entire year. But this year, I’m determined!

Just in case you’re unsure of what a pixel year is I’ll give you a briefing (although I’m sure the picture explains itself!)

A pixel year is usually drawn out as a chart, but I have seen some really cool designs! – Some people do a monthly or weekly version. One of my favourite designs has to be colouring in a cactus each day of the week for your mood. I chose the much simpler design for the year though.
Once you have your design choice, you pick colours to represent moods and colour in each day as you go by!

I love getting to look back at my year and see when my biggest ups and downs are, and to compare how my year started and ended

Year Goals

My next page is relatively simple, so I’ll keep this one short!

I basically just wanted a page to write down any goals for the year, my ‘New Years Resolutions’ I guess you could say.

I like the idea of being able to one day cross off a bigger goal, something that will take months of work and then finally being able to cross it off! It’s so motivating

It’s always a good idea to set yourself some sort of goal each year, even if its a small one!

Savings and Weight Loss Tracker

Next, I have two pages that are simple and to me, very useful. There are many ways that people chose to draw out a savings goal. Some chose to just draw a basic bar chart where you can colour in a section for each small goal you meet. I’ve chosen to just draw a jar and divide it into 10 sections, each to colour in when (and if) I ever hit each goal!

Watching my jar fill up as a colour in each section really motivates me more! I feel a need to complete the jar!

Another simple yet efficient idea is a weight loss tracker. It works in the same way as the savings, you colour in each section when you hit each goal! There’s really not a lot else to say about these pages^^;

I’m hoping this will motivate me to go to the gym more!

TV / Anime + Books / Manga

One of my favourite to draw – the Tv and Books trackers (Or the Anime and Manga if you’re like me!) There are some awesome design ideas for these sort of pages all over the internet. I got most of my inspiration from Pinterest. I plan to name and colour each book outline for any Manga or Book I read next year!^^
The same goes for the TV one too, obviously~

My anime list is probably far too long for this ^^;

Cosplay and Music

So these two pages are something I came up for myself. I want to make a list and keep track of the cosplays I complete and any songs I release throughout the year! My original idea for the cosplay tracker was far too complicated for me to try and draw^^; I wanted to draw a load of mini wigs and then name them and colour one in for each cosplay I do. But sadly, just trying to draw all of that out would take me hours;-; I used the same sort of Idea for the music, but that was a lot simpler to draw!

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to look back at the end of next year and see the progress I made, how much more I achieved!^^

Social Media Tracker

The last thing I’ve decided to do for my Yearly Spread, is a social media tracker. Obviously I’m only

doing this one for business purposes. Id likes to see my progress throughout the year, how my viewings increase or decrease. It’s a simply drawn out table and all I’ll do is write the number of followers for each platform each month! ^^

Hopefully, it will all increase, but that’s just my high hopes^^;

That’s all I have for next years ‘Yearly Spread’ I hope this has been somewhat helpful to you all!

Keep an eye out for my January Monthly spread to get some more ideas and tips!

Thanks for stopping by! ^^

Bullet Journal

Its almost the New Year and like many I imagine, I want to make my next year successful! When I first came across the idea of a bullet journal, the idea of it confused me a lot but I also really wanted to give it a go. After a lot of research and videos and lots and lots of failed attempts, I think I’ve finally figured out for myself the best way to present my Bullet Journal and use it to boost my productivity and motivation!

A lot of the videos I watched made a Bullet Journal look really complex, which is exactly why I decided to share the process of setting mine up and then my progress through the year. My goal here is to give some insight into not only how to set it up, but to also show you why and how it can be helpful and what all the effort put into it can really accomplish.

So to start off, I’m going to talk about what exactly a Bullet Journal is. ^^

What is a Bullet Journal?

So a Bullet Journal is kind of similar to the Diary’s everyone buys for the new year or for a students academic year. They help you keep track of things like, appointments, when an assignment might be due or even just a reminder to go food shopping on a specific day. The big difference to a Bullet Journal and the usual ones you can buy is that a Bullet Journal is also somewhat like a DIY project and 100% customisable! The Journals that are typically used for Bullet Journals are dotted ones, they make it easier to draw out your layouts and design your spreads!^^

To add a little bit more detail to what you can do with a Bullet journal I’ll be sharing my layouts and plans! I’ll also be creating a board on Pinterest so I can post all the layouts ^^

When you start a Bullet Journal, you’ll normally find things like an introductory to the year, a calendar and several goals or trackers.

Yearly Spread Ideas

Year Page (2020)

– Key page

– Calendar

– Pixel Year / Mood tracker

– Goals or ambitions for the year

– Savings tracker

– Exercise or weight loss tracker

– Tv shows or movies to watch

– Books you plan to read

Monthly Spread Ideas

-Month Page

– Habit tracker

– Monthly tasks

– Reminders

– Challenge trackers (eg 30 day exercise challenges)

– Schedules

– Logs (eg Sleep log)

– Monthly Goals

Weekly Spread Ideas

– Week pages

– Days

– Daily tasks log

– To do lists

– Shopping list

– Habit Tracker

– Meal planning

– Notes

– Daily gratitude

I’ll be sharing photos and explanations of my layouts in future blog posts! ^^

Why use a Bullet Journal?

I think I covered most of the basics of what a Bullet Journal is, so now I’d like to go into why I think it’s a good idea to create and use one and what the benefits and outcomes can be if you stick to it!

What I think the most important thing about a Bullet Journal is, is that it really can help you keep track of all your work and progress as you grow as a person. You can use a Bullet Journal to help yourself become the person you want, to be someone you’re happy with! (Loving yourself is important!) You can use the Journal to track habits and daily tasks. Personally, I find someone satisfying about colouring in a little box to show that I’ve done my 10k steps for the day! using this idea of a tracker can really help you remember things and make better habits. For example, I forget to take my tablets most days (which can be really bad) so now, once I’ve taken my tablet then I can colour in the little box. If i cant remember wether I took the tablets or not later in the day, then I can check to see if I filled in the box! I find it very helpful ^^

My next favourite thing about a Bullet journal is that I can look back over the work I’ve done. With the sort of work I do, every job I take has different deadlines and take a different amount of time to complete. With this, it also becomes difficult to keep track of what I earn. With a Bullet journal I can design out a page for each month that tailors exactly to my needs. It will make it easier to keep track of what jobs are due what day, what day I need to make sure my next blog posts or a video needs to be made and edited and really manage to keep on top of everything I’m doing. (hopefully it’ll help me keep up to date with my posts! ^^

I feel like another good aspect is that you can really learn how to divide your time more efficiently. Once I’ve planned out all the time I need for work or exercise and everything else I plan to be consistent on in the new year, I can then also see what time I have free. Or from a different perspective, I can plan when I do my work and when I do exercise or check my blog etc in order to make sure I have time for leisure and to relax!

The last thing I’ll mention here since I feel like I may be going on too much for some to want to read – The end of the year. At the end of each month or year, you can look back at your progress and see what you’ve accomplished through the year. If you have a log of what movies you wanted to watch or books you wanted to read, you can go back and have those reminders there. If you have an exercise log or weight loss log, you can look back and see your progress and see how far you got! Honestly, the idea of being able to keep track of things and see the progress on paper is very motivating for me^^

Oh and with a Bullet Journal you have everything you need in one book!

So Bullet Journals aren’t for everyone, but for those who are interested and inspired – A Bullet Journal could become something life changing (it definitely is for me!)

I’ll soon be writing about my yearly and monthly spread to share with you all, so be sure to look out for that next week!

I encourage as many people as possible to join me with this for the New Year, so if anyone has any questions or needs any advice on it then feel free to leave a comment! ^^

Thanks for stopping by everyone!^^