How I’ve Been Spending my Lock-down

Hey everyone^^ It’s been a little while since I did a catch up here, so I’ve got a lot to cover!I’m not entirely sure where to start. As much as I’ve been up to a lot of different things, I’m also still in a pretty strict lock-down so not a lot has changed eitherI live in Wales which is currently following a separate lock-down path than the rest of the UK (As frustrating as that is, I also understand why^^”)During this period, I’ve been doing everything I can just to keep motivated and productive! (I have many off days too though)

My Health and Fitness

One of the main things I’ve been focused on recently is my health. I don’t want this lock-down to be the reason I slip up and gain a load of weight again, so I’ve created myself a routine that I’m really trying to stick to^^”

For those who haven’t been following my Bullet Journal Posts, here is a picture of my workout routine for this month. I like to change it up each month so I don’t get bored^^

My goal isn’t just to lose weight either, I’m trying to gain a little more strength and endurance too! I want to be in better shape overall, physically and mentally^^ I’ve even included Meditation and Yoga to my routines now! (I’ll be writing about how Meditation and Yoga can be super beneficial soon too, so look out for that!)

I Completed one of my Courses! ^^

In order to keep productive, I’ve been trying to get as much of my course work done whilst I have a good chance to. When I bought my TEFL course, it came with 2 extra courses for free. Mindfulness for Individuals and Mindfulness for Children. These two extra courses help you learn how to incorporate mindfulness into teaching and how it can make learning easier, less stressful and a lot more fun!^^

I finally completed the Mindfulness for Individuals one last week, I feel like I’m starting to make a lot more progress and I’m no longer half as behind as I have been for the past few months^^”

The Mindfulness for Children course is a little shorter than the Individuals one, so I’m hoping to finish that one next, then I only have the TEFL course left to complete which I’m not too far off completing either!^^ (I only have 1 month left to complete them, so wish me luck!^^”)

I Finally have some Savings! which are about to Disappear…

I think it’s safe to say that before this lock-down began, I was spending maybe a little too much money on going out drinking on the weekends (and sometimes weekdays^^”) I still have a couple of drinks every now and then, but from home now. I’ve actually managed to start some savings which may completely disappear again next month, but for good reason!

Ever since the day it got released I’ve wanted to buy the Animal Crossing Ltd Switch and although it’s going up in price at the minute, I may be able to buy it next month! (I’ll finally be able to stop using my partners switch then too!)

I’m still trying to decide if I completely re-start my New Horizons Island when I get my switch, or if I try and transfer my data over. I can’t decide;-;
(I’m so excited to finally buy this though! It’ll definitely be worth being poor again for a while.)

Stay Productive!

As well as everything else I’ve mentioned so far, I’ve also been trying to pick up some old hobbies that I haven’t indulged in for a while. The first being Art, I tried painting again the other week, turns out I’m still a lot better at using pencils than I’ll ever be with paint ^^” But at least I tried right?

There’s a Japanese workbook that I’d wanted for a long time too, to help me learn more. I finally bought it a couple of weeks ago! It’s the first of a set and this one is focused on Hiragana, which I’m getting pretty good at now^^ The book also turned out to be even better than I expected, it’s got so much in it and it’s so easy to follow and learn from. I even bought a Japanese pen to practice with^^
(What better time to learn a new language than now, when we can’t do a lot else! It’s a great pass time^^)

I’ve also been trying to read a little more, catch up on some Anime and Netflix series and I’m hoping to get a new cosplay soon too! There are always things you can do to pass the time, so make sure you try to stay productive!

Stay Safe ~

I know a lot of people are starting to get fed up with this lock-down, I see a lot of people still breaking the rules every day. Try to remember this will never really end if we don’t learn to follow the rules given to us to stay safe and control the virus

If you keep productive and stay positive then this will all be over with before you know it^^

Thanks for stopping by, I look forwards to sharing more with you all^^ Stay safe ❤

Something New!^^

Happy (late) New Year everyone! 🙂

I know I’m quite behind on everything, I’m trying my best really! I’ve actually been trying to put all the pieces of my many ambitious plans together. It’s proving difficult and time-consuming but I’m determined to figure something out.

I’m going to be a Teacher! (kinda)

I’d like to start with my current biggest ambition. I’ve just started my TEFL course! Over the next 6 months, I will be focussing mostly on completing my course to the best of my ability. Afterwards, I plan to teach in Japan for a little while, maybe some other places too but I’m mostly aiming for Japan.

The reason for Japan being my first choice is because I have such a passion and love for the country. I want to experience their culture and traditions in person for myself, I want to explore all the beautiful sites Japan has to offer. I admire Japan and one of my life long dreams is to live there, at least for a year or so and since English was one of my better subjects, why not give it a try right? ^^

New Videos!


Another project I’m working on is Vlogging a bit more. I’d like to share some more stuff with you all. Share how I do my work, the process of going through the TEFL course maybe? Maybe just some of the sightseeing places that I like to go to relax or gain some inspiration. I plan for some of the vlogs to be me talking about my Journal and work so everyone who’s interested can get a much better insight into these things^^


I’d really like to record a lot more covers or even better – Originals. I’m currently working really hard on a video I hope to produce soon for a cover, I’m actually really excited about it but it’s taking a little longer to put together then I hoped. But then again, I’m still very new to this sort of thing^^”

I hope for some of my music videos (for covers) to include cosplays soon too, that’s definitely something to look forward to!


So aside from cosplaying for cover music videos, I’ve also been considering maybe filming the process of one of my cosplays at some point. Of course I’m going to have to get a better recording set up for that sort of thing (I’m working with a very very mediocre set up right now lmao)

Cosplay is something I’ve been doing for a couple of years on and off, and it’s a big passion of mine as is Anime ^^

There’s a lot I plan to do, and I really hope I’ll manage to make at least some progress towards my goals.

I have two videos planned (not actually fully recorded and edited yet) One of these videos is going to be my first real vlog, I’ll be talking a lot more about some of my plans! ^^

Until next time~

Thanks for stopping by! ^^

Everything is Slowly coming together!^^

I’ve been all over the place recently, can’t seem to keep on top of everything. But, I think I’ve finally managed to organise myself (to some extent) I’ve gone back to my Bullet Journal as a way of keeping organised and keeping track of everything, I’m actually planning to do a post on Bullet Journals for the New Year. So if that interests you then do keep an eye out for that, maybe even give me some ideas in the comments? ^^

but anyway, enough of that

I actually redesigned a large portion of my website and decided on some new features (or pages) to add. Some of my plans may be somewhat anime oriented which isn’t for everyone but I’m a huge fan so I’m thinking of writing some reviews and posting some of my cosplays somewhere on my website! It’s still a work in progress.

Another plan I’ve had is Patreon. I know I don’t exactly have much of an audience yet, but I’d really like to engage with you guys more! ^^ So I’ve started my Patreon with just the one tier for now (until I figure out how the damn site works) The current tier allows you to join my discord server and join games or just interact with me! So if that in any way interests you, do be sure to check it out ^^

I’m really working hard to be a lot more consistent with what I do, so starting from now I’ll be posting on my blog at LEAST once a week. If I add my Anime section Idea it might be more frequent but again, that’s still just an idea.

If anyone does have any suggestions of things you’d like me to discuss with you in one of my posts then feel free to leave any suggestions down in the comments! ^^

Along with my blog, I’ll be hopefully uploading to youtube once every 2 weeks (Just until I have the time and resources to upload more frequently – it’s currently a slow and tedious process to film things ^^;;)

I’d just like to add to the end of this, I really enjoy what I do and I’m very grateful for any sort of support I get, even if you’re only stopping by out of curiosity. I’m working hard to do what I love as a career so I thank everyone who supports me ^^

Thanks again for stopping by! I’ll see you all next week ❤

I’m awful lmao

I really want to succeed with my blog, at least a small amount. But I really am the worst sometimes^^” I can’t seem to keep to my routines and schedule’s, it really is a pain sometimes.

I like to think of myself as one of the worst procrastinators ever.

Today I decided I’m going to try and recreate a new routine so that’s what I’m here to do!

I figured that maybe that routine previously just didn’t work for me, so maybe it’s a good idea to keep trying different ones until something sticks, that’s what I’m questioning anyway.

So I should probably be completely honest (at least to some extent) This post its self has taken me almost a week to write, just because I can’t find the motivation and effort. Which is why I’m going to plan out a new routine.

I’ve started up some new things that I enjoy a lot. I have a gaming channel now, which yes is awful but it’s fun for me and I’d like it to someday be fun for others too! ^^ But music is still my main focus of course!

On the music side, I’m actually getting a keyboard again soon, I’m looking forward to some covers I have planned with that^^ along with some cosplays that may or me not be included with some music stuff soon… ^.~

aside from covers, I also almost finished a new original song until I got stuck again and abandoned it lmao, its a trend for me. I’m really hoping my new routine will help me get back on track – I’ll be sharing my routine and how it works out on a later date! ^^

I apologise for the complete mess of this post, It’s definitely been a struggle to write this but I did really want to give some sort of update, I also think I need to write something in order to get myself back into writing my posts – a sort of push for myself I suppose.

so I’m gonna leave this mess as it is and try to continue to write an actually structured post that makes sense and has reason^^”

Finally making some progress!

So I’ve been out of work for a few weeks now (I say out of work – I guess being full-time freelance is more appropriate!) It actually feels like I’ve been doing more work now then I was before, the only huge difference being I actually really enjoy what I do now – even though I’m constantly exhausted.So, anyway~ I’ve been making some good progress on setting up this new site, although its a shame I can’t set up my own services for audio editing or voice acting as it does cost more money I don’t have yet. Instead, I’m going to be linking to other sites – Fiverr mainly, for people to follow up through there if they do wish to work with me! ^^

On another note now, I’ve also started setting up things for some new YouTube content that I’m really excited about! I’m planning to do a lot more finger-style covers, probably mostly Anime ones too if I’m honest. (I’m a complete weeb) Since I also used to do quite a bit of Cosplay – I’m also thinking of combining Cosplay and some Anime music covers! I think that just with these small things, it could really help me progress a little more.

I’m also going to be widening my services and promoting a new gig on Fiverr soon: I plan to make music for games or animations, which would also be super fun:)

What else have I been considering…?

Oh that’s right! I’m also starting work on a new song too! It is a little harder to do with a lack of equipment, but I’m still pretty convinced I can work something out.

I’m honestly really excited for my plans and I really hope I manage to pull through on most of them and keep up with them on a regular basis since that’s normally where I struggle – Sticking to plans. I’m hoping now that I’ve taken the risk of completely devoting myself and my time to all of this, that I’ll have the determination to stick to it! (as well as updating this blog weekly)

I know at this minute this blog has been all over the place, it doesn’t feel like it has any sense of topic other then what I’m doing whilst trying to make some success off of my freelance work and music and honestly, I feel like this is somewhat quite pointless. Will this ever be of any interest to anyone? Should I be picking a very specific topic and sticking to it? It’s difficult to figure out, but I guess the best way to figure it all out is to just keep trying it all and see where it gets me. I mean, there’s nothing stopping me changing what I do in the future, so I may as well just keep at what I’m doing now right?

I’m full-time freelance now, I guess?

So, I’ve kind of been questioning for awhile on how to actually write this post. It seems like it would be simple, but everything in my life has recently taken such a change that it’s also overwhelming.

It’s kind of hard to explain everything that’s changed without going into personal life details that I somewhat try to avoid doing (at least for now) But to sum it all up: I left my job, had to move out of my flat and my partner and I now live with my parents on a temporary basis. All of this alone, is quite a big change and difficult to re adjust to

I’m still currently in the process of organising through all my belongings and making my room a liveable space again (it’s currently just full of boxes and bags oops) So because of that, I haven’t made much headway on the freelance work. I have still been applying to the occasional job every couple of days in hopes of getting something whilst not being as active.

With this whole change and moving process, I’ve been somewhat taking some breaks and taking some time to myself to try and gain a little more inspiration and motivation again (something I’ve been having some trouble with recently) I’ve been trying to get myself back into activities and hobbies I used to enjoy a lot too, Photography and art being two of them.

This is actually a photo I took the other day on a walk 🙂

I’ve also started trying to design myself some sort of avatar/icon for my Youtube channel or just for social media for my freelance and music work, It’s my first time trying to do digital art (it’s definitely challenging!)

But anyway~ Putting aside all of the other random stuff I’ve been up to, I have still been trying to make some progress. I’ve come up with a lot of ideas and plans for my Youtube and music and I’m still applying for jobs on Fiverr. I’m actually about to create a new gig to create game music for people. Hopefully that will bring me more opportunities and jobs!

Maybe I’ll make a post about all of my ideas soon, or I’ll just leave them as a surprise! I guess I can decide that later.

Anyway, enough rambling over here. Well done if you made it this far through this post, if anyone has any cool ideas they’re willing to share, please feel free to leave a comment! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by! ^^

I got a tip!! ^^

Life is not a game of luck. If you wanna win, work hard.


So I’m a little late to this one, since I’ve been pretty busy with everything in life and all that.
But a few months ago, a job that I found rather strange but completed anyway – The client turned out to be very happy with it and gave me a tip! 🙂

It’s funny, these people asking for odd things or even serious things. For someone like me, knowing that someone was actually that happy with something I DID; really made me happy.

Yes it was only $5 but the thought of it, is what matters the most to me

Your tip made me realise how happy it makes me, to make things other people enjoy.

Thank you stranger, you made the day of someone having a hard time better. Even if only for a short while. It meant a lot.

Something reminded me why I started what I did today.

I’ve been having a bit of a rough few weeks…Months even. So my ‘real world’ job as I’ll call it for now – Is horrendous. I’ve had difficulties with my mental health since I was very young, most of which I’ve had a decent amount of control over for the past couple of years. Until the last few months. So this job – I’ve almost been there a year, started out stress full, settled down for awhile in the middle, and as of the recent months – has been horrendous

So I have a little problem with victimisation within my workplace. I’ll leave it at that for now. Because of it, my mental health has deteriorated towards the depth it used to be at (really not very fun at all) I’ve been having some very emotional days basically every day.

So around to the point of why I started what I do. I want to make a living enjoying what I do, I want to be okay, I want to be happy and enjoy my life. I have difficulties with stress – unless its something I’m extremely passionate about, then I don’t feel the stress. I feel the progress towards something I put my whole heart and soul into and it makes every second of work feel worth it. Something I have always hated the idea of, is living my life hating what I do. being miserable, staying in a dead-end job where every day is a never-ending ritual and I only just realised I’ve been doing exactly that.

I’m making a change

A risk

Things are going to be difficult for awhile again, I’m leaving my job and moving back home to pursue what I love. To put real effort into what I aspire to do.
I’d use the word ‘dream’ but it makes it sound fictional, like something that wont come true – and my ideas, plans, my wishes will come true – because I’m putting so much effort into it that I won’t let it not be real.

I refuse to live my life being disposable.

Time flies.. when you have only a little more to do.

So, I realise It’s been more than a few weeks since I last posted. I have actually been rather busy (sadly not with hoards of freelance work)

I’ve actually come to learn that it’s oddly difficult to fit freelance work in with my life and my current job, it’s still something I’m working on trying to organise all together – as I would really love to be able to earn enough to leave my job one day.
I have still been applying to jobs on Fiverr daily and actually been getting some responses! I’ve actually had (and completed) 2 jobs in the past couple of weeks and so far this month, earned double what I did last month. (which really wasn’t hard if I’m honest) Last month – in May, I earned a whopping £6.65! ($8) and this month, I’ve earned £19. Yes I know, it’s really nothing fancy, I’m really not earning the big bucks just yet, but I think If I can keep earning a little more each month then I’ll really start to make some progress!

Aside from the Freelance work, I’m also trying to get back into writing and publishing my own music again. Which for me right now – requires a lot more effort sadly. First of all, I need a new flat. I’m in the midst of trying to move right now to a place with enough space to have a small recording set up (my current flat is basically a shoe box – really not designed for any sort of work) So the whole process of trying to move is certainly taking up a lot of my time. as well as my hours in work over the summer period.

Sooo.. Back to the freelance work for a moment.
I’ve really been getting some strange job offers (one of which I really did have to reject) It’s interesting what some people are willing to pay for to get done. Recently I wrote lyrics about Sonic the Hedgehog – that was certainly an interesting one. But hey – I got paid for it, so no complaints here!
I did have the quite typical job of recording a voice over of a script too, which was actually quite pleasant to read – I actually really enjoyed that one!

I feel as though I should stop this rambling mess of a blog post now, but I did really need to do some sort of update – especially if I want to keep all this up!

Thanks again for stopping by though ^^

One job down, and again: Nothing to continue

So, as you all know. I managed to get my first job not too long ago.
How did it go you ask? – It went okay. Just okay.

It was my first try so a bit of failure and struggle is to be expected. The person I was working for was very understanding and patient so I have no complaints there. I do doubt that they will come to me again for more work though, which is obviously slightly frustrating. But then again, It was still a job! I got a review, and made myself a mediocre 8 bucks: So in all, I’d still say its a job well done and still worth it.

Since I’ve been trying voice acting work, I have been having some mixed feelings on it. I prefer my music, I can’t really see myself pursuing a career with voice acting (Unless it was to dub anime!) But yeah, I’m more of a musician

On that note, I’m now again looking into more music options for myself (as well as keeping my options well open for freelance work on Fiverr.)
I’ll be writing more about my plans for the music side of my freelance work in my next post! ^^ So do make sure that you come and check that one out too!

So yes, my conclusion of the past two weeks, the work is frustrating, getting the work is still as difficult as ever, I know it’s going to take a lot longer and a lot more to get where I want to and earn enough to pay my bills of this freelance work.

I do apologise for the sloppiness of this post but sadly my shifts at my current job are all over the place and finding time to do this, is indeed incredibly difficult

On that note, I must leave for work again now (Wish me luck ^^”)

Thanks again for stopping by ❤