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~ Time to play!^^ ~

I enjoy sharing my progress and opinions of games, and I thrive off of completion and finding hidden gems! I tried out gameplay videos on youtube a couple of times but it was just never for me. I much prefer to write, and I’d like to think I’m good at it to.^^

Recapturing my first Memory! Zelda: BOTW

Last time I’d just lost Suga and replaced him with Kageyama and today we’re embarking on a quest to regain some memories! I’m not sure if this is the first direction I should be taking but its the one I’m following for now^^”. My helpful little artist friend hanging around in Kakariko Village has pointed…

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Fixing my Sheikah Slate! Zelda: Breath of the Wild

So as I left things previously, having just completed a fun little side quest of rounding up some chickens, I return to today to finally get my Sheikah slate fixed and discover some new areas. But first things first, I have a horse!^^ (spoiler – he doesn’t last long ;-;) Suga accompanies me on my…

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