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~The Melody of Mero_di~

Hey there everyone! I’m Mero and welcome to my personal blog section, this is were I’ll be sharing old and new thoughts and experiences about my personal life, hobbies, work and honestly just everything in general^^

Sustaining New Habits

It’s hard to build new habits, but there’s two I’m finally keeping up with after years, if not months, of constant slacking, forgetting and most of all, a lack of motivation. I’ve been attempting to learn Japanese on and off for a couple of years now. I started with learning hiragana which I memorized most…

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Setting a smaller goal

Its hard to keep up with writing, especially when the simple task of existing is a challenge itself. Motivation doesn’t come easily for me and living with bpd makes it all the more chaotic. I want to set myself a small goal of some kind to try and gain some momentum but everytime I try…

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Finally got it!

It’s a well-known fact for anyone who knows me that I’m a huge weeb (obsessed with anime). I’ve watched more anime than movies and TV series and I’ve been watching them since I was 11!^^ A favourite of mine is a lesser-known one ‘NANA’. It’s about two girls with the same name – Nana (meaning…

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A Little Catchup ^^

I started a job in a small corner shop 2 months ago and 1 week ago, I quit. Being such a creative-driven person I find that working such mundane and repetitive jobs suck away at my soul constantly until I have nothing left to give; Honestly, I don’t think it’s at all worth the sacrifice.…

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Writing Things Down

I’d like to write more; I like to write freely and openly, it’s a form of meditation, I suppose. But it really is hard to find the time, the energy and often the motivation. I constantly find myself wanting to open up my notebook, turn on my laptop or pick up my phone and write…

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Poetry Time: Night sky

Here’s a little poem I wrote^^ A clear night – you can see every detailSo crisp that it barely seems real.It’s haunting beauty,Illuminates the sky,I just wish you could see it through my eyes.

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A Lack of time and Excess of Inspiration

I love working on my blog, I really do, it’s something I find a lot of pleasure in doing for a variety of reasons that I’ll get into another day. I have no plans to stop with my blog whatsoever but, Its a lot harder to keep up with all of this and my university…

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Something a little different^^

I have something a little new for you all today!^^ This is also a little bit of an experiment to find out if anyone would be interested in seeing more of this sort of thing on my blog. Being the overly creative person I am, I love and miss music. Be it writing my own…

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