Sustaining New Habits

It’s hard to build new habits, but there’s two I’m finally keeping up with after years, if not months, of constant slacking, forgetting and most of all, a lack of motivation.

I’ve been attempting to learn Japanese on and off for a couple of years now. I started with learning hiragana which I memorized most of last year sometime; after relentlessly writing and rewriting them until it almost became muscle memory. In the recent six months, I’ve been using Duolingo more but hadn’t been able to keep up a streak longer than a week. I’d practise every day for a week and then give up for 3.

Today I’m at my longest streak ever of 24 days, and I’m determined to make it a month! (Hopefully more too^^).

The other habit I’ve been working on is reading a little bit every day. I learnt in my first year of uni not too long ago how important it is for any writer or aspiring writer to read as much as they can! I read a lot as a young teen, but the longer school went on the less I read and in college and from thereafter I don’t think I read a single book until I started my university course. I eased myself in by starting with a set of small books ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I didn’t manage to read every day and, in fact, I was slow getting through them.. it took me about 8 months to finish “the increasingly inaccurately named trilogy of five”. I did however enjoy the books greatly and soon after finishing the last one started the first book of Game of Thrones which I’ve read every day for the past 16 days and gotten halfway through already! (For some perspective one Game of Thrones book is about the same length as all 5 Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy books!) So there’s a big improvement there already!^^

I’m aiming to finish reading the first book by the end of this month so I can move onto the next one^^

Setting a smaller goal

Its hard to keep up with writing, especially when the simple task of existing is a challenge itself. Motivation doesn’t come easily for me and living with bpd makes it all the more chaotic.

I want to set myself a small goal of some kind to try and gain some momentum but everytime I try to I tend to loose quickly.

Maybe I can start with a small post a day, every day for a week. Simple posts, updates on what I’m up to and my thoughts at the end of each day…

Does every post need a conclusion and do I need to have a point to every one? I’m not sure, but it’s something I’d like to figure out.^^

~ Bullet Journal 2021: August Spread ~

I realise I’ve been away from the bullet journal side of my blog for some time now, I felt like I was doing the same thing over and over, and that’s not what I want.

I’ve also been a little all over the place since I stopped putting as much effort and energy into my journaling, it turns out that my bullet journal is basically holding my life together… So in order to get myself back on track and into a new (and hopefully improved) routine I’ve created something new for next months spread!^^

Cover Page

I’ve been neglecting my art practice recently, I was missing motivation and inspiration to create, I was also lacking in time for some parts.

Whilst trying to put more effort into my bullet journal and block again I’m also trying to motivate myself to draw more too! So for August’s cover page, I did a lot of research (scrolling endlessly through Pinterest for inspiration…). I didn’t have the energy to do anything too complicated so I went for drawing a pretty sunflower^^


Since I came upon this calendar design, I cant seem to give it up! It may be a little fiddly to draw all the boxes out sometimes but, I really love this adorable idea and I find it super useful to have a calendar for each month so I can make a note of important dates for each month and be able to look at them all at once^^

Mood Tracker

My August mood tracker might be my favourite mood tracker so far! I find that I have a lot more freedom of my choice of colour for each mood whilst still keeping to the theme (In this case ice cream). It’s also going to be a lot easier to distinguish multiple colours in one day (for those roller coaster days^^”).

I’m looking forwards to colouring this one in so hopefully that’ll motivate me to keep on top of my journaling next month!^^

Habit Tracker

Some of my previous habit trackers have taken up a lot of time just to draw out every month. A lot of the time I would end up missing out half the month of tracking habits because I put off drawing out the habit tracker until the very last minute…

Soo, I’ve been going through an abundance of different styles until I find one that’s easy and quick enough to draw out each month and that works for me! (I have to like how it looks to be able to use it..^^’)

Exercise Tracker

Exercise logs and trackers are another page I find myself struggling with from time to time. I like to see my progress as well as keeping track of how much exercise I do, sometimes it can get overwhelming with the different kinds of exercise and not wanting to do the same routine every day. To try and combat that conundrum I’ve used a simple exercise tracker that gives me more of an option on what exercise I do. (it also doesn’t look as bad when I don’t complete a day)

I’ve of course also added a table to see my weight and measurements at the start and end of the month to see if I’ve made any progress at all…

To-do List

My to-do list hadn’t changed in almost a year. I kept the same design because I had the same stuff going on every month. A mountain of uni work and too many personal projects that I just can never keep up with^^”.

I changed it up a bit for next month, not because I’m doing things completely different, but because I was beginning to feel like everything was becoming repetitive. This new to-do list design will hopefully stop me from feeling like I’m just doing the same things over and over and over again.


My budget tracker is another page I’d find myself avoiding drawing out. I had so many different sections and boxes that it was all just a little too much. Instead, I’ve created a much simpler design so I can keep up with my incomings and outgoings without getting as overwhelmed and confused by an overcrowded page.

Brain Dump

I haven’t changed my brain dump page in a while because even when I don’t use the page too much it’s still one of the more useful pages I have each month.

I forget a lot of things, especially any fun ideas I have and things I want to do, create or even to go somewhere so I find it incredibly useful to have a place to write these little notes down that I can easily look back on (without having to search through piles of notes and pages of notebooks!)

Weekly Spread

My weekly spread is probably the biggest change I’ve made for next month. Although I haven’t changed it dramatically compared to my previous months spread I’ve certainly simplified it. I wanted a more minimalistic design that can be drawn easily, but still have my essentials on it (and still look good of course!^^)

Daily Routine

This daily routine is something new I’ve decided to try. I looked through Pinterest for quite some time for ideas for this one. I wanted to find some way to keep track of a small and simple daily routine to help me stay productive and motivated as much as possible.

I’ve drawn out one of these for every week so that I can tailor it each week depending on what work I have to do! Whether I keep these up or not I’m not sure of yet, but there’s only one way to find out how it works for me.^^

Weekly Schedule

To go with my daily routine, I have a weekly schedule to keep track of any appointments I have as well as set myself a timetable each week to complete certain projects or jobs.

I also hope to set time aside each week for reading and writing amongst a few other things I wish to work on.

Month Review

I tend to end up skipping my end of month review. I think this is because, again, I make it too complicated. For next month I’ve decided to try and review just a couple of my more important goals.^^

Lets hope I do a better job of keeping up with it all next month! :))

Finally got it!

It’s a well-known fact for anyone who knows me that I’m a huge weeb (obsessed with anime). I’ve watched more anime than movies and TV series and I’ve been watching them since I was 11!^^

A favourite of mine is a lesser-known one ‘NANA’. It’s about two girls with the same name – Nana (meaning the number 7 in Japanese) but complete opposite personalities. Lives intertwine and they end up sharing a house whilst living completely different lives, but whilst also building an unexpectedly close bond. One Nana is a musician following her dream in the big city of Tokyo whilst the other is just looking for love…

I won’t tell you too much about it now but I definitely will in the future!😁

The point is, I got a new tattoo recently and it’s one from this anime that I’ve waited for years and I wanted to share it with you all! ^^

Nana tattoo!

Recapturing my first Memory! Zelda: BOTW

Last time I’d just lost Suga and replaced him with Kageyama and today we’re embarking on a quest to regain some memories! I’m not sure if this is the first direction I should be taking but its the one I’m following for now^^”.

My helpful little artist friend hanging around in Kakariko Village has pointed me in the direction of East towards Mount Lanayru!

I came across an abundance of things on my short journey – firstly I managed to ambush a camp of goblins and made a fun little explosion out of them! I then got ambushed myself by a ninja in disguise… (Karma I guess ;-;)

After a day of fighting whatever monsters I came across I set up camp to rest for the night and mostly just to quickly cook a few things. During this I found out that I can feed my horse! He started trying to steal my apples before they baked:(

When daylight broke I found myself climbing across rubble to try and find an area that matched the picture. I didn’t succeed straight away but I did get to see some beautiful scenery and find some wonderful places (including a shrine!).

In time, I found what I was looking for and soon found myself watching a cut scene of a past memory that Link and Zelda both share and features a group of seemingly allied beings that we currently seem to know nothing more about… The cut scene also seems to give some more insight into the situation with Ganon.

Once I’d regained my first memory I headed back to Kakariko village to visit the little old lady Impa where she gave me a reward – an old item of Links and then sent me away to find the rest (and with an abundance of other objectives too!)

Now… Where should I head to next…

Stick around to find out!^^

Fixing my Sheikah Slate! Zelda: Breath of the Wild

So as I left things previously, having just completed a fun little side quest of rounding up some chickens, I return to today to finally get my Sheikah slate fixed and discover some new areas. But first things first, I have a horse!^^ (spoiler – he doesn’t last long ;-;)

Suga the horse!^^
Suga the horse ❤

Suga accompanies me on my journey to the next Sheikah tower – Hateno Tower, to unlock the next region on my map! Of course it’s not a simple journey though as I found myself being ambushed once or twice and ambushing camps a few times myself too^^.

The first time I found myself completely caught off guard by a funny looking ninja in a mask who appeared very suddenly and well – sliced me up:).

The second time, however, I saw it coming. And the third I came to them! I’m definitely starting to get a little more used to these controls^^ (although I’ve always been more of a long range fighter – I prefer my archery!^^).

Eventually, Suga and I made it to the tower and with a struggle I climbed to the top, placed my Sheikah slate in its slot and updated my map! I love the little animation/clip they do for it – can’t believe I didn’t manage to record the whole thing;-; (I’ll get it next time^^)

Hateno Tower

Since I managed to climb all the way to the top of this tower, I couldn’t not glide off towards the next village where I found a cute bridge, a small boy, Nebb who was in complete awe of my sword, and the crazy lady Purah who fixed my Sheikah Slate!!^^

The first thing I did once getting it repaired was have a wander around the area more and have a look around – I really love the art style and animation of this game ❤ (I especially love gliding down from high places to see the pretty views^.^)

Now before I end this post and move on to try and recover some of Link’s lost memories – I must tell the tragedy of Suga. 😦

You’ll be missed Suga ❤

Suga assisted in fixing the Sheikah slate, but as he appears to have tried to take a dip and gotten stuck, so he has been immediately been replaced by Kageyama! 😀

Thanks for stopping by again, stick around to see where Kags and I go next ^^

A Lack of time and Excess of Inspiration

I love working on my blog, I really do, it’s something I find a lot of pleasure in doing for a variety of reasons that I’ll get into another day. I have no plans to stop with my blog whatsoever but, Its a lot harder to keep up with all of this and my university work at the same time then I thought it’d be(I’m not sleeping nearly as much as I should be^^’). I’ll be continuing to work on things as I have been so far but that also means I’m going to continue to be late on things (oops, sorry).

The work I’ve been doing whilst working towards my degree has been incredibly inspiring, I suddenly have so many more things I want to research into and write about, so many different types of writing I want to do! – I have a plan for a piece of writing that I think could make an interesting book one day, but for obvious reasons, I just don’t have the time right now. I also have a newfound interest for poetry, I often find myself writing mini poems in my head whilst I’m doing about my day; I also question if that would be something worth adding to my blog?

Would anyone be interested in sharing some poetry?^^

~ Bullet Journal 2021: January Spread ~

Happy New Year everyone! I know we’re about halfway through January now and I’m (once again) late on posting this… BUT I’m still just as excited to share this with you all!^^
I’ve taken a different approach to a lot of my designs and layouts than to what I used throughout last year – I’d love to hear your opinions!

You’ll also notice that I’ve used a lot of Washi tape in my journal this time (This year is my first time using Washi tape!^^) I wanted to be able to keep my journal looking colourful whilst having little time to decorate it, so I’m trying out the tapes.^^ So far I really like how its been turning out.

Cover Page

So throughout last year, I used the same sort of layout for my cover pages (always having the title in the same place etc.) This year since I’ve recently started working with watercolour pencils I decided I’d try out some different styles for the cover pages!


Last year I had the calendar on a single page and the second page for events and goals for the month but I very rarely used them. I decided to use up more of the space for the calendar this time and a much smaller box for goals and events. I’m hoping that by having a larger calendar I’ll be encouraged to use it more to keep on top of due dates!

Mood Tracker

Now, I know I already have a pixel year mood tracker in my yearly spread, which I mostly managed to keep up with throughout last year. But I’ve been seeing so many fun monthly mood trackers designs and really wanted to start trying them out!^^

Habit Tracker

I have a habit of changing my habit tracker layout fairly often (and I’ll probably end up continuing to do so!) but I do like how this one turned out after I’d coloured in the box for the name of each habit to match the colour I’ll use to cross them off^^
(I’ll add a picture of it coloured in next time!)

Daily Gratitude log

One of my aims for this year is to try and be more positive and appreciative as much as I can!^^ I figured the best way to encourage that would be to challenge myself to name something I’m grateful for everyday^^

For each day I can successfully name something I’m grateful for, I’ll also be colouring it in (hopefully by the end of the month it’ll be colourful!^^)

Adulting Challenge

This is an idea I came across whilst browsing through Pinterest one day, I thought it could make some common chores a little more fun.^^

I’ve added colours to the shapes and listed a few jobs I need to keep up with more frequently (Like watering my plants!) by the end of the month I’m hoping it’ll look like a fun Tetris game^^

Blog Planner

One thing I’m awful for is writing and publishing posts a lot later then I’d like..^^” Uni taking up so much of my time currently certainly doesn’t help, but, I’m hoping that this Blog planner idea I found (again on Pinterest!) will motivate and encourage me to make more of an effort with my blog!^^

Work to-do Log

I’ve had this work log since some time last year, In fact, it’s one of the few things that I haven’t changed yet! I don’t really have much to say about this one, it is as it looks, a to-do list of uni work and blog work for the month.^^

Budget Tracker

It’s always handy to have some kind of Budget tracker and this time I designed my own one to keep track of my spending and savings!^^

I’m not the greatest with handling money but I’m also not the worst! Hopefully the more I use budget trackers the better I’ll get at it^^

Brain Dump

This simple idea is probably one of my favourites this month. I come up with a lot of random ideas at very random times, so having somewhere to jot these all down in one place each month might just help me piece together my ideas!^^

Weekly Spread

Last year I used the same weekly spread layout every month. This year, although I’m not sure if i’ll use the same design throughout or try new ones (probably try some new ones!) but I’ve started the year with a new one: much simpler and easier to draw out.^^

End of Month Review

I failed to fill in my end of review most months last year and I think that was because I had too many things to fill out. To keep it a little less overwhelming I created a new one with less, hopefully I’ll start being able to look back and reflect on my month.^^

I’m really happy with how my Bullet Journal for this year has been coming along so far and I hope it provides you with a little bit of inspiration for your own!

Thanks for stopping by~^^

Mindfulness, what so good about it?

Not so long ago Mindfulness was something I’d laugh at; I didn’t intend to learn more about it either, but as I started my TEFL course it became something more important, more relevant and incredibly helpful. Luckily enough I got two Mindfulness courses for free!
As soon as I gained an understanding of Mindfulness and the science behind it, my entire opinion completely changed.
I’ve made a brief summary of some of what I think are the most important(or helpful) benefits of practising Mindfulness regularly and how it helps!^^

1. Improved Well-being

Our well-being is extremely important, mental and physical. It’s what keeps us going, how we get things done and how we live our lives to the fullest!
It’s important to look after ourselves in order to keep up our well-being and although there are many proven ways to do so, we tend to neglect it and end up in either mental slump or being constantly sick^^”
By practising Mindfulness regularly your overall health will see a major improvement (you’ve gotta keep it regular to get the most from these benefits!) You’ll learn more about how across the next 10 points.^^

2. Improved Focus

Staying focused is never a simple task, it’s just so easy to get distracted by people around you, maybe your phone keeps going off or you just cant stop thinking about everything else you would rather do instead of the task at hand.( I know I’m always thinking of everything I would rather do^^”)

Regular Mindfulness and Meditation (to my surprise too) really makes a difference!
Practising mindfulness regularly encourages the growth of neural networks and helps create new connections in the brain. We’re basically rewiring our brain to find better ways to react, which helps us handle tasks better and cope with stress and emotions. Reacting Mindfully also helps us to recover from any distractions and bring ourselves back into a focused and working state of mind.

3. Improved Sleep

Does anyone else struggle with getting to sleep most nights or is it just me? I always have a very active mind, I’m constantly thinking about something. Mindfulness helps us learn how to calm our mind and let go of anything that may be troubling us. Not only that but Mindfulness meditation lowers our heart rate and reduces the need for sleeping pills!

There are so many activities and exercises that originate from Mindfulness and meditation that help us with all these things. The Body Scan meditation is one of my favourites before bed! It helps to relax all the muscles that I don’t even realise are tense and it helps to reduce the stress in the mind and body, which in my opinion is a pretty good way to get to sleep.

4. Improved Relationships

One thing that took me awhile to accept is that Mindfulness actually helps relationships. How you ask? well, surprisingly in a lot of ways.
Being able to react Mindfully makes a big difference for a lot of things, we become more empathic, compassionate and by learning to live more in the present moment we become more aware and attentive too!

Not only does Mindfulness encourage these positive emotions and actions, but it also lowers the amount we react negatively and helps us shift unconscious behaviours that can impact our relationships

Whether its friends, family or a partner, Mindfulness helps us appreciate those we care about even more!

5. Improved Leadership

Being in management or leadership of any kind can be extremely stressful, which is why a lot of managers often come across as strict and harsh. A stressed leader creates a negative atmosphere for their employees which can lead to a lot of workplace (and sometimes home) problems.

Practising mindfulness helps manage stress and react more positively to situations, If managers aren’t stressed then it’s more likely that employees wont be as stressed either. It creates a calmer and more positive workplace atmosphere where everyone is a little bit happier.^^
Not only does mindfulness help manage stress but also allows a leader to be more selfless and compassionate to their employees which helps build much stronger workplace relationships!

6. Increased Awareness

We all miss a lot of little things on a day to day basis, we don’t stop and ‘smell the roses’ or appreciate our surroundings. So many people these days are always in such a rush to get to wherever they’re going, but what about the world around us? There’s so much more of it to see right in front of us and all we need to do is stop and open our eyes.

Mindfulness is living in the present moment, even something as simple as a mindful walk can change our entire perspective of things. We notice more and experience so much more with all 5 senses (touch, sight, smell, hearing and taste)
Experiencing things just a little bit more helps us to appreciate more and truly understand something through our senses.

7. Become More Creative

Do you ever feel like you’ve ‘lost’ your creativity, I’ve had that problem a fair few times. You just get stuck and frustrated, wanting to create something but not knowing what or how; just completely lacking ideas and motivation.
Mindfulness helps to enhance creativity by opening our mind and allowing us to relax completely and focus on new ideas.

Distractions are the main downfall to creativity, always being ‘wired’ and stressed out kills creativity and to really create something amazing we need to be able to relax and ‘reset’ ourselves through means such as Mindfulness Meditation.

8. Reduce Anxiety

Regular Mindfulness practise can do wonders for Anxiety and people discredit it far too much. I have personally experienced the benefits on this one, I often have a lot of difficulties with Anxiety in many different situations and it really can become overwhelming^^”

How does it really help though? Well, Mindfulness actually teaches us how to respond to difficult situations and decreases rumination which in turn also helps us to become more calm (Rumination means to continuously think about the same thoughts, which are mostly sad or dark)
Another way Mindfulness practise can help us reduce Anxiety is that it helps us more aware of the present, to focus on what’s around us and to have more mindful reactions.

9. Reduce Stress

Stress has got to be my biggest struggle, I’m really not too sure why or how but its something that effects me a lot, so I can definitely vouch for Mindfulness being genuinely pretty helpful!^^
The way Mindfulness helps to reduce stress is very similar to how it helps with Anxiety, it helps you become more aware of your thoughts and teaches not to react immediately without thinking (Mindless reaction)

Mindfulness is a skill, it can be learned and improved and in order to react mindfully in a stressful situation you need to learn to access that skill. We have what can be called a security guard in our brains(The Amygdala), this security guard controls what thoughts are allowed to access the higher parts of the brain, by passing the Amygdala and accessing the higher parts of the brain you can then start making much more mindful decisions and reactions.
In order to pass the Amygdala you need to learn to stop and breath, then focus on your breathing and allow yourself to take more time to react mindfully in a stressful situation.

10. Decrease Rumination and Worry

I mentioned Rumination previously very briefly and I realise its something a lot of people seem to struggle with and be unaware of. Rumination means to think about the same (usually negative, sad or dark) thoughts over and over and over again, this in turn causes us to worry a lot too. This all probably links somewhere into overthinking things.

In order to combat Rumination you have to be able to bring your attention to the present and find a distraction that works for you.

Somethings on your mind and you’ve been thinking about it over and over? Mindfulness practise allows us to take a breath and look again at these thoughts and to learn how to accept these thoughts and to then let them go, helping us to breath a little better and think a little clearer about a situation.

11. Feel Happy!

Everyone prefers to wake up feeling good and to go to bed in a good mood right? Out of all of the benefits that come from practising Mindfulness regularly, I’d say that the biggest one is the overall improvement of your mood! You feel happy more frequently with less sudden mood drops.

All of the previously mentioned benefits (and of course ones not yet mentioned) all lead up to this one too: learning to relax more, getting better quality and more uninterrupted sleep, improved relationships and less stress and anxiety – they all add up to being happier so to end this I cant see a reason why you wouldn’t want to practise Mindfulness!^^

Have you previously tried Mindfulness, is it something you do regularly now? Is it something you laugh at the thought of or do you simply not know enough about it?

I’d love to hear what you all have to say!^^

Bullet Journal

Its almost the New Year and like many I imagine, I want to make my next year successful! When I first came across the idea of a bullet journal, the idea of it confused me a lot but I also really wanted to give it a go. After a lot of research and videos and lots and lots of failed attempts, I think I’ve finally figured out for myself the best way to present my Bullet Journal and use it to boost my productivity and motivation!

A lot of the videos I watched made a Bullet Journal look really complex, which is exactly why I decided to share the process of setting mine up and then my progress through the year. My goal here is to give some insight into not only how to set it up, but to also show you why and how it can be helpful and what all the effort put into it can really accomplish.

So to start off, I’m going to talk about what exactly a Bullet Journal is. ^^

What is a Bullet Journal?

So a Bullet Journal is kind of similar to the Diary’s everyone buys for the new year or for a students academic year. They help you keep track of things like, appointments, when an assignment might be due or even just a reminder to go food shopping on a specific day. The big difference to a Bullet Journal and the usual ones you can buy is that a Bullet Journal is also somewhat like a DIY project and 100% customisable! The Journals that are typically used for Bullet Journals are dotted ones, they make it easier to draw out your layouts and design your spreads!^^

To add a little bit more detail to what you can do with a Bullet journal I’ll be sharing my layouts and plans! I’ll also be creating a board on Pinterest so I can post all the layouts ^^

When you start a Bullet Journal, you’ll normally find things like an introductory to the year, a calendar and several goals or trackers.

Yearly Spread Ideas

Year Page (2020)

– Key page

– Calendar

– Pixel Year / Mood tracker

– Goals or ambitions for the year

– Savings tracker

– Exercise or weight loss tracker

– Tv shows or movies to watch

– Books you plan to read

Monthly Spread Ideas

-Month Page

– Habit tracker

– Monthly tasks

– Reminders

– Challenge trackers (eg 30 day exercise challenges)

– Schedules

– Logs (eg Sleep log)

– Monthly Goals

Weekly Spread Ideas

– Week pages

– Days

– Daily tasks log

– To do lists

– Shopping list

– Habit Tracker

– Meal planning

– Notes

– Daily gratitude

I’ll be sharing photos and explanations of my layouts in future blog posts! ^^

Why use a Bullet Journal?

I think I covered most of the basics of what a Bullet Journal is, so now I’d like to go into why I think it’s a good idea to create and use one and what the benefits and outcomes can be if you stick to it!

What I think the most important thing about a Bullet Journal is, is that it really can help you keep track of all your work and progress as you grow as a person. You can use a Bullet Journal to help yourself become the person you want, to be someone you’re happy with! (Loving yourself is important!) You can use the Journal to track habits and daily tasks. Personally, I find someone satisfying about colouring in a little box to show that I’ve done my 10k steps for the day! using this idea of a tracker can really help you remember things and make better habits. For example, I forget to take my tablets most days (which can be really bad) so now, once I’ve taken my tablet then I can colour in the little box. If i cant remember wether I took the tablets or not later in the day, then I can check to see if I filled in the box! I find it very helpful ^^

My next favourite thing about a Bullet journal is that I can look back over the work I’ve done. With the sort of work I do, every job I take has different deadlines and take a different amount of time to complete. With this, it also becomes difficult to keep track of what I earn. With a Bullet journal I can design out a page for each month that tailors exactly to my needs. It will make it easier to keep track of what jobs are due what day, what day I need to make sure my next blog posts or a video needs to be made and edited and really manage to keep on top of everything I’m doing. (hopefully it’ll help me keep up to date with my posts! ^^

I feel like another good aspect is that you can really learn how to divide your time more efficiently. Once I’ve planned out all the time I need for work or exercise and everything else I plan to be consistent on in the new year, I can then also see what time I have free. Or from a different perspective, I can plan when I do my work and when I do exercise or check my blog etc in order to make sure I have time for leisure and to relax!

The last thing I’ll mention here since I feel like I may be going on too much for some to want to read – The end of the year. At the end of each month or year, you can look back at your progress and see what you’ve accomplished through the year. If you have a log of what movies you wanted to watch or books you wanted to read, you can go back and have those reminders there. If you have an exercise log or weight loss log, you can look back and see your progress and see how far you got! Honestly, the idea of being able to keep track of things and see the progress on paper is very motivating for me^^

Oh and with a Bullet Journal you have everything you need in one book!

So Bullet Journals aren’t for everyone, but for those who are interested and inspired – A Bullet Journal could become something life changing (it definitely is for me!)

I’ll soon be writing about my yearly and monthly spread to share with you all, so be sure to look out for that next week!

I encourage as many people as possible to join me with this for the New Year, so if anyone has any questions or needs any advice on it then feel free to leave a comment! ^^

Thanks for stopping by everyone!^^