2 weeks, 30 applications and 1 response.

So. As you know, finding freelance work is the worst thing ever.
I’ve been applying for jobs daily, on both up-work and Fiverr and it really is funny how unlikely it is to get hired when starting. Like, seriously – it’s amusing.

Something that I’ve discovered from applying for several different jobs, is that you really have to be willing to go a little outside your comfort zone. Going for different jobs you might be a little more unfamiliar with. I’ve started applying for editing for podcasts, or even recording for audiobooks or scripts. There seems to be a lot more of those sort of jobs then what I’d usually go for, so I decided to give them a go.
after about 2 weeks, I actually got one response. Honestly – I was more excited then I thought I’d be just from having a response. After all the time and work put into trying to find a job, it’s extremely fulfilling to actually be noticed.

Now the funny thing about freelance, is that you’re using your own supplied equipment. which in some ways, can definitely go very wrong. I lost my Macbook charger on the day I said I would send this guy a sample for the job I applied for. It was probably the MOST frustrating thing ever – Like seriously. I have never been so frustrated. I looked everywhere in my flat and just couldn’t find it. and I really wanted to send this sample as soon as I could in case this guy found someone else.
So yeah, I’ve now learnt I’ve really got to be careful with any equipment I need for the jobs I’m applying for. And to not lose my Macbook charger. Ever.

After some time and some giving up, I bought a new charger which was delivered the next day and finally recorded the sample. He had me read a sentence from an educational text as an example of what sort of work I’d be doing for him.

It was really weird. It was my first time recording myself just talking, it was most definitely a new experience.

Anyway, I’m going to stop rambling through this entry as I have some more work to go and do. Plus it’s 2am and I’m tired – oops.
I don’t know if I’ll get this job, but wish me luck everyone! ^^

Thanks for stopping by~~

Right so, it’s really really hard

Okay sooo – hey there everyone! I’m a musician and a music producer. I’ve been on and off working on music stuff whenever I have the time away from work. (which isn’t as much time as I’d like)
Recently, I’ve been trying to make more of an effort to make a money from what I do.

  • I can produce music
  • Mix a track or any audio
  • General Audio editing (like for Podcasts maybe
  • I can make sound effects but I’m not as skilled on that one
  • I can write lyrics and melody’s

Just a lot of different producer stuff really. So whilst I can make money from selling my own tracks right now, since I don’t have all the equipment I need to record my music to a standard I’m happy with, I thought ‘What else can I do with my skills?’
Freelance work!

I’ve signed up on a couple different sites, they’re all actually strangely different. I’m not sure which is my favourite yet, or which I consider the easiest to use. I’ll write about that one in the future; once I’ve spent more time using them all.
So far I’ve been applying to several different jobs every day.

It’s been a week – Nothing.

The tedious thing about these freelance websites is that, it is harder to start off in. you get levels, reputation, ratings and of course once you’re just starting – you’re at 0 on everything,

No one wants to hire from the bottom right?
So figuring out how to promote yourself seems to be the biggest thing in order to get any work. You really need to figure out how to appeal to people more than someone with a 5 star reputation… Yeah, it’s really hard.