Fixing my Sheikah Slate! Zelda: Breath of the Wild

So as I left things previously, having just completed a fun little side quest of rounding up some chickens, I return to today to finally get my Sheikah slate fixed and discover some new areas. But first things first, I have a horse!^^ (spoiler – he doesn’t last long ;-;)

Suga the horse!^^
Suga the horse ❤

Suga accompanies me on my journey to the next Sheikah tower – Hateno Tower, to unlock the next region on my map! Of course it’s not a simple journey though as I found myself being ambushed once or twice and ambushing camps a few times myself too^^.

The first time I found myself completely caught off guard by a funny looking ninja in a mask who appeared very suddenly and well – sliced me up:).

The second time, however, I saw it coming. And the third I came to them! I’m definitely starting to get a little more used to these controls^^ (although I’ve always been more of a long range fighter – I prefer my archery!^^).

Eventually, Suga and I made it to the tower and with a struggle I climbed to the top, placed my Sheikah slate in its slot and updated my map! I love the little animation/clip they do for it – can’t believe I didn’t manage to record the whole thing;-; (I’ll get it next time^^)

Hateno Tower

Since I managed to climb all the way to the top of this tower, I couldn’t not glide off towards the next village where I found a cute bridge, a small boy, Nebb who was in complete awe of my sword, and the crazy lady Purah who fixed my Sheikah Slate!!^^

The first thing I did once getting it repaired was have a wander around the area more and have a look around – I really love the art style and animation of this game ❤ (I especially love gliding down from high places to see the pretty views^.^)

Now before I end this post and move on to try and recover some of Link’s lost memories – I must tell the tragedy of Suga. 😦

You’ll be missed Suga ❤

Suga assisted in fixing the Sheikah slate, but as he appears to have tried to take a dip and gotten stuck, so he has been immediately been replaced by Kageyama! 😀

Thanks for stopping by again, stick around to see where Kags and I go next ^^