Starting out and my first impressions! Zelda: Breath of The Wild

So I recently came up with a fun new idea! I’ve always enjoyed playing a variety of games, and I love talking about them. I’ve tried out the popular trend of youtube gameplay videos but I just didn’t enjoy the outcome as much as I’d hoped and I’m really one for doing things that I enjoy.

So what I’ve come up with is to try a kind of game blogging. I’m going to talk (or write) about what I’m playing and review it as I go along whilst sharing some screenshots!^^ It might not work out, I have no idea, but it seems like a fun thing to try, soo on that note…

I recently managed to procure myself with a copy of Zelda Breath Of The Wild on Nintendo Switch! I’ve been eager to play this game for an awfully long time, I’m so glad I finally bought it^^. Admittedly I’ve already played a good few hours of it before coming up with this idea, so we’re starting a little later into the game (maybe if all goes well I’ll return to the beginning and cover what I miss here^^)

I have however been taking the occasional screenshot already so, to begin with, I’ll use them to cover my first impressions of the game – which so far are all pretty good, I’m really enjoying it! The graphics are adorable, I love them, and the scenery is all so amazing(I have a soft spot for anime-styled anything ^^” ). The attention to detail is also pretty impressive; having to hit or climb a tree to make the apples fall to gather them, the fish swimming in waters – very therapeutic to watch^.^, the fighting animation is great, I love the way he spins with his weapon!! 

So moving on, the first screenshot I absentmindedly took featured the incredible view of the Dueling peaks from the Proxim bridge. First of all, I love this bridge. There’s something about vine-covered stone ruins that I just adore; it’s like nature taking back what’s rightfully theirs (something I think about wayy too much…) At this point in the game, I was just heading towards the Duelling peaks on my way to get my Sheikah Slate fixed (I think, Link and I are still recovering our memories!!^^’)

Duelling peaks from Proxim bridge

The next major discovery I made was this adorable little dude! I couldn’t resist but get a clip of his dance, he’s so cute!^^
He traded a korok seed for an extra inventory slot after I found his magic maracas!

fun dancing dude

In an attempt to record a clip I ended up with a screenshot of Link’s cooking in motion! (I’m still getting used to the whole clip recording thing on the switch^^”).
What I love about the cooking aspect in BOTW is that the possibilities already seem endless, how many recipes are there? I keep combining random ingredients and always finding something new! (I didn’t think so many different mushrooms could ever possible work together..)

Cooking in motion

As I ended my small game sesh to return to my uni work, the last thing I did was catch chickens! They’d escaped their farm and their owner Cado was in quite a panic, so I did the same as any other Link would do and ran around searching for these loose chickens. Some got into some really peculiar places, it took me a while to find the last one – he somehow found his way onto a rooftop…

There is obviously a LOT I haven’t covered here from my first few hours in the game, but that just means theres a lot more for me to explore and share!^^

Have you played Zelda: Breath of The Wild? I’d love to know what your first impressions were (or are) too!^^

Thanks for stopping by, stay tuned for more on my adventure with Link to save the Princess Zelda^^