Bullet Journal

Its almost the New Year and like many I imagine, I want to make my next year successful! When I first came across the idea of a bullet journal, the idea of it confused me a lot but I also really wanted to give it a go. After a lot of research and videos and lots and lots of failed attempts, I think I’ve finally figured out for myself the best way to present my Bullet Journal and use it to boost my productivity and motivation!

A lot of the videos I watched made a Bullet Journal look really complex, which is exactly why I decided to share the process of setting mine up and then my progress through the year. My goal here is to give some insight into not only how to set it up, but to also show you why and how it can be helpful and what all the effort put into it can really accomplish.

So to start off, I’m going to talk about what exactly a Bullet Journal is. ^^

What is a Bullet Journal?

So a Bullet Journal is kind of similar to the Diary’s everyone buys for the new year or for a students academic year. They help you keep track of things like, appointments, when an assignment might be due or even just a reminder to go food shopping on a specific day. The big difference to a Bullet Journal and the usual ones you can buy is that a Bullet Journal is also somewhat like a DIY project and 100% customisable! The Journals that are typically used for Bullet Journals are dotted ones, they make it easier to draw out your layouts and design your spreads!^^

To add a little bit more detail to what you can do with a Bullet journal I’ll be sharing my layouts and plans! I’ll also be creating a board on Pinterest so I can post all the layouts ^^

When you start a Bullet Journal, you’ll normally find things like an introductory to the year, a calendar and several goals or trackers.

Yearly Spread Ideas

Year Page (2020)

– Key page

– Calendar

– Pixel Year / Mood tracker

– Goals or ambitions for the year

– Savings tracker

– Exercise or weight loss tracker

– Tv shows or movies to watch

– Books you plan to read

Monthly Spread Ideas

-Month Page

– Habit tracker

– Monthly tasks

– Reminders

– Challenge trackers (eg 30 day exercise challenges)

– Schedules

– Logs (eg Sleep log)

– Monthly Goals

Weekly Spread Ideas

– Week pages

– Days

– Daily tasks log

– To do lists

– Shopping list

– Habit Tracker

– Meal planning

– Notes

– Daily gratitude

I’ll be sharing photos and explanations of my layouts in future blog posts! ^^

Why use a Bullet Journal?

I think I covered most of the basics of what a Bullet Journal is, so now I’d like to go into why I think it’s a good idea to create and use one and what the benefits and outcomes can be if you stick to it!

What I think the most important thing about a Bullet Journal is, is that it really can help you keep track of all your work and progress as you grow as a person. You can use a Bullet Journal to help yourself become the person you want, to be someone you’re happy with! (Loving yourself is important!) You can use the Journal to track habits and daily tasks. Personally, I find someone satisfying about colouring in a little box to show that I’ve done my 10k steps for the day! using this idea of a tracker can really help you remember things and make better habits. For example, I forget to take my tablets most days (which can be really bad) so now, once I’ve taken my tablet then I can colour in the little box. If i cant remember wether I took the tablets or not later in the day, then I can check to see if I filled in the box! I find it very helpful ^^

My next favourite thing about a Bullet journal is that I can look back over the work I’ve done. With the sort of work I do, every job I take has different deadlines and take a different amount of time to complete. With this, it also becomes difficult to keep track of what I earn. With a Bullet journal I can design out a page for each month that tailors exactly to my needs. It will make it easier to keep track of what jobs are due what day, what day I need to make sure my next blog posts or a video needs to be made and edited and really manage to keep on top of everything I’m doing. (hopefully it’ll help me keep up to date with my posts! ^^

I feel like another good aspect is that you can really learn how to divide your time more efficiently. Once I’ve planned out all the time I need for work or exercise and everything else I plan to be consistent on in the new year, I can then also see what time I have free. Or from a different perspective, I can plan when I do my work and when I do exercise or check my blog etc in order to make sure I have time for leisure and to relax!

The last thing I’ll mention here since I feel like I may be going on too much for some to want to read – The end of the year. At the end of each month or year, you can look back at your progress and see what you’ve accomplished through the year. If you have a log of what movies you wanted to watch or books you wanted to read, you can go back and have those reminders there. If you have an exercise log or weight loss log, you can look back and see your progress and see how far you got! Honestly, the idea of being able to keep track of things and see the progress on paper is very motivating for me^^

Oh and with a Bullet Journal you have everything you need in one book!

So Bullet Journals aren’t for everyone, but for those who are interested and inspired – A Bullet Journal could become something life changing (it definitely is for me!)

I’ll soon be writing about my yearly and monthly spread to share with you all, so be sure to look out for that next week!

I encourage as many people as possible to join me with this for the New Year, so if anyone has any questions or needs any advice on it then feel free to leave a comment! ^^

Thanks for stopping by everyone!^^

Earning from home – Tips and tricks to earning from home

Looking to earn some extra cash? Or just even gain an income from home? There are several ways to do so and today I’m going to explain some of the most popular ways to easily earn from home!

To start with, here is a list of some of the basic options. I will then explain in more detail.


Let us start off with Surveys. There’s a lot of different types of surveys and lots of different types of rewards for them.

There are a large variety of different types of sites that give you rewards for surveys, one of the top ones being Swagbucks (www.swagbucks.com) I’ll mention a few other further on!

Swagbucks is very popular due to the fact it has lots of options and not just surveys.

The surveys on Swagbucks vary and each one gives you an approximate time frame for how long it will most likely take to complete. The surveys are quite simple as they tend to mostly be about things to do with how effective different advertisements are, the appeal of different products and popularity, different working environments, brand recognition or maybe just about services like, how often do you travel on a bus or a plane. You may even find surveys about some games or shops.

Another popular alternative is InboxDollars or InboxPounds – depending on your currency (www.inboxpounds.co.uk) (www.inboxdollars.com) This site is a lot more basic than Swagbucks as you mostly just answer surveys. There are a couple of options to maybe watch some short videos or use a search engine provided by them but their main idea is to just use surveys.

A few other popular survey sites are:

– Survey Spotter (https://surveyspotter.com)

– Survey Junkie (https://www.surveyjunkie.com)

– One Poll (https://www.onepoll.com)

– Life Points (https://www.lifepointspanel.com)


Different survey sites tend to offer the same sort of rewards, but bigger and more popular sites will have more options than you won’t find elsewhere. Like on Swagbucks, for example, You can get a gift card for different shops and cafes. The more common rewards are Amazon gift cards, Master-card gift cards or PayPal ones.

You can also choose to donate to a charity as a reward on some of the more popular sites.

Apps and Games

Next, we’ll look at some fun and easy ways to earn money from different kinds of apps.

There are a lot of options when it comes to apps and earning money, you can complete surveys and polls through apps such as Ipoll (https://www.ipoll.com/en). Swagbucks also has an app you can use. You can earn points and rewards for shopping with certain apps. For example, Shopkick (https://www.shopkick.com)

A popular option is to upload your own photos and videos for rewards. Foap is a popular option for this (https://www.foap.com)

Some apps allow you to play games in order to earn points for gift cards. For this one you download the app, download a game it suggests to you through the app and you earn points for the time you play the game. It can be a slow process but I find it more enjoyable! A popular app for this could be AppStation.

Scratch cards are similar to the games, its a long and slow process to earn enough points for rewards, but there is also the option to download free scratch card apps such as Lucky Day or Lucky Money and try out your luck with them!

I’m going to add one more Idea here which is Investing. There are a lot of apps where you can invest in something to earn more from. A popular option being Acorns (https://www.acorns.com)

Aside from Apps, there are some other ways to earn money from playing games. You could take the gambling approach but I never really advise on that one as you often spend more money then you make. But a fun and interesting way can be through MMO’s. For example, You could sell game items or currency through eBay or other sites. This is a popular activity for people who play games such as World of Warcraft. Earn money in-game and then sell it out of the game.

Product Testing

You don’t tend to see a lot of Product testing in my opinion, but it can be very beneficial for those who choose to pursue it. A lot of companies offer a product or money in return for your testing and reviewing of their products. The products to choose from is never-ending, you have options such as skin care products and makeup, games on different consoles, phones, software or even be a volunteer for a science project!

There is a lot of sites you can go through to try and become a product tester. For example;

– Toluna (https://uk.toluna.com)

– UserTesting (https://www.usertesting.com)

– Alba Science (https://www.albavolunteers.com)

– CrowdVille (https://www.crowdville.net)

Blogging and Freelance Work


Lastly, I’m going to talk a little bit about blogging and freelance work. Now I do already have another article dedicated to freelance work so I won’t go too much into that one but if you’re interested in Freelance work you can read up on some of my tips and advice here! (https://www.merodi.co.uk/post/earning-from-home-freelance-work)

When it comes to freelance work, you have a lot of options. One of which could be to become a blogger.

Starting a blog can be quite simple if you choose the right place. WordPress (https://wordpress.com), Squarespace (https://www.squarespace.com) or any other website building sites are the best for starting a blog. You simply design your site from their templates and then you can start writing your posts!

If you have something you’re incredibly passionate or knowledgeable about then blogging could be great for you. If you don’t and you still want to become a blogger then don’t worry! There are so many opportunities and ideas. You could devote yourself to researching new up and coming games and review and write them, or your favourite TV shows. You can blog about anything you like really, I find that there’s always someone interested in the same things you are.

Blogging obviously takes a lot more work than other ‘Earning from Home’ suggestions but it can, if successful – earn you a lot more.

To make a blog successful, one of the biggest requirements is consistency. post often, or on a specific time table: Every other Tuesday for example. Try and be engaging with your audience, try not to ramble too much and try to keep it interesting!

I’ll be making a more detailed post on Blogging in the future, so if this is something that interests you then keep an eye out for that! ^^

I hope this has been helpful to you and I wish you all the best of luck!

Thanks for stopping by! ^^