Writing Things Down

I’d like to write more; I like to write freely and openly, it’s a form of meditation, I suppose. But it really is hard to find the time, the energy and often the motivation. I constantly find myself wanting to open up my notebook, turn on my laptop or pick up my phone and write something down. Whether it be something personal or an idea for a piece of writing, it always varies, but I do always find myself wanting to write things down.

A good amount of my uni course so far has been focused on writing, creative writing to be more specific. I’ve been learning a lot but I also feel like I’m not taking in enough of it, or I’m not working on developing my skills enough, that I’m too wrapped up in other things. In order to write well you have to write badly, and be able to build on that, learn from your mistakes, pay attention to detail and allow yourself to be influenced and inspired by the works of others. I’ve been carrying around a little writer’s notebook with me recently (not that I go anywhere…^^’), I use it to write down interesting things I see, hear or maybe just think of whilst I’m out and about. I’ve also been learning to read as a writer which is a slightly more taxing task and takes some serious patience and concentration (I also make notes of interesting things from other books in my writer’s notebook!), but It’s worth the effort – I’ve been finding it incredibly beneficial!^^

Another aspect of writing well is of course the practice, to practice writing everything and everything, revising it obsessively and rewriting it endlessly. It’s a skill like every other, it takes time and effort to develop and there’s always more to learn!